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There is no link. I went to put money into my daughter's account at a drive-through and was refused because it was $30 in cash.

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Should have read"my credit union does NOT have branches there. If they did this wouldn't be a problem.

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My daughter is attending college in another state and my credit union does have branches there. There is a BOA on campus so she opened a checking account there.

One day she called and was afraid an Uber might overdraft her account(she was going to pick up her paycheck) so would I deposit THIRTY DOLLARS in her account. I pulled 30 from my ATM and tried to deposit a TWENTY and a TEN of AMERICAN DOLLARS in her account and they refused to allow it because although she has an account with them I do not.??? What the hey, this is AMERICAN MONEY!??? I started to write a check but they me told that it might take three days to clear because it was a different financial institution even though my credit union is in the same city.???

I could use a MONEY ORDER(which is a hassle even it costs .99 at the Bi-Lo next door) and that would be credited immediately. Then they told me if I opened an account with them(checking, savings, credit card, loan, etc.) I could immediately deposit cash. Their original excuse took the cake. They were stopping money laundering!!!!

I laughed out loud. I don't know much about money launderers but I am pretty sure they would launder more then THIRTY DOLLARS at a time. Also, if I were a money launderer, but I had a BOA account, I could launder as much as I wanted to by that nonsense. Later another person called and reversed that nonsense by telling me that BOA was trying to get away from cash money and checks altogether and deal just in debit cards, credit cards, electronic transfers(things that they could make a profit on without the hassle of straight money where their profits were slim, I thought) to make it more CONVENIENT(?) for customers.

At that point the light came on, credit unions with their lower cost banking and better customer service are killing these guys profits and they are trollling for accounts this way. The day an AMERICAN BANK refuses AMERICAN currency is the day that these banks have gotten out of control .

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: accept American cash for deposits .

Bank Of America Pros: Previously reliable.

Bank Of America Cons: Bank of america, No reconsideration offered.

  • Bank Of America Sucks
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While I agree BOA does suck this isn’t their fault...the largest financial institutions are required to follow some really stupid laws for exactly laundering - I agree it’s a stupid law but JPM and Wells both are required by the federal government to do the same thing

john c

Sorry my friend but that is simply not true."Under the Bank Secrecy Act, financial institutions must take certain steps to detect and combat money laundering, like reporting suspicious activity and transactions involving more than $10,000. But adopting certain policies–like stopping consumers from depositing cash into others’ accounts–is at the discretion of each bank, says Steve Hudak, a spokesman for the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.“It’s up to the bank to have policies and procedures in place to be able to file these reports and this is also based on risk,” Hudak says.

There’s not a rule that says precisely what transactions banks can accept but they have to base their policies on risk.”Cash deposit bans at Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase only affect personal accounts. Customers can still have others deposit cash into their business accounts."" According to a recent Bankrate survey, the idea that switching banks is a hassle is one of the main reasons why consumers avoid leaving their financial institutions behind.

But there are plenty of big banks that still allow customers to put cash into others’ personal accounts. Two examples are Capital One and PNC and neither bank says it has plans to change its policies."

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