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I am so frustrated with the runaround I am getting from bank of America. I was unemployed when I first started requesting a review of my request for modification.

It has been 8 months since I started the process. Every Time the seemed to take long to review the packet and then they would request other documents and etc. Finally I got a job one that ny the way pays me 1/2 of what I used to earn. But being that I do not have any other bills than utility bills I would be OK to give a payment on a mortgage.

Well after two weeks of working they sent me an overnight package requesting additional information and giving me a deadline date of 3/16/12 to deliver. I sent the document on 3/9 and BOA confirmed on 3/12 receipt of documents. Four days prior to deadline date. When I called on 3/12 to confirm receipt I find out that BOA placed my mortgage on foreclosure since 3/2.

HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN! WHO DROPPED THE BALL. At this time I am calling and calling and they cannot stop foreclosure, even though I have the letter asking me to send documents before 3/16. I NEVER RECEIVED A LETTER FROM BOA TELLING ME THEY WILL PLACE MY HOUSE ON FORECLOSURE!!!

NEVER!!! At this time I am getting the run around - totally lost for words. My property is a farm and I have sold all my horses and goats to be able to have enough money to bring my account up to date just in case my request does not go thru. And they have the nerve to tell me that even if my RMA does not go thru I cannot pay on the account!!!

Do they not have a kindness nerbve in their body!!! It is only my daughter and I and having to deal with people wanting to see my home and almost to the point of harassment from Realtors! I want to National with this case. DOES anyone know please how to take this complaint to national TV?

I am on med and my daughter has nightmares every night. bad enough I had to sell all her horses who she adores and now thinking that we will be homeless!

Unforgivable, i am not a number AM a person. They are so inhumane!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $110.

Location: El Paso, Texas

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BOA reported to Equifax that my mortgage was closed and that I owed them 45000 after my mortgage was brought out of foreclosure and current. This is after I received a letter from BOA that the loan was current.


I work for BOA. We are all not evil and unprofessional.

Unfortunately the situation you mention is heard by us time and time again. I agree, the process is so disorganized that I often commented that could something be so disorganized randomly? We hear complaints of lost faxes, errant foreclosures, mis-typed information, etc. A complete clean house in those areas is warranted.

Furthermore the government needs to keep a close eye on those departments, specifically foreclosure and modification to make sure customer's calls are being returned. Supervisors of teams need to be brought to task on their teams. They need to be checking with employees that their calls are being addressed, if they aren't, ask why? If the behavior is persistent, fire that individual and bring people in that will do their jobs!

As far as your problem. This is exactly what you need to do. Write out a letter, be very detailed and specific as to dates, times, etc. Use verbage such as "I'm talking with the Attorney General" or "I'm getting my attorney involved"...there is a reason for this.

These are trigger words which will invite an escalation. Make sure you say at the top of your page, Attention: Office of the President-Escalation. Demand to be contacted and present your phone number and specifically what you would like to see accomplished. Threaten to go to the media.

Sign and date the bottom.

Fax it here specifically 1-80*-***-****. Your issue will be opened as a case in what is now called "Customer relationship Advocacy" which is just a fancy term for what use to be known as "Office of the President." Follow those instructions to the letter and you will be contacted and your case will be opened.


I'm sorry to hear about your issues with BOA. They have done pretty much the exact thing with me.

The U.S. Dept. of the Treasury web info. says the banks are not allowed to refer our homes for foreclosure while the modifications are being considered, but they refer them anyway.

Mine is coming up on eight months, too. I meet all criteria for qualifying for the modification and they still haven't approved it. I, too, am on medication and am twice disabled. It is so stressful to not know where I'm going to live, if I have to figure out how to pack up my house, look for a new place to live - now with ruined credit b/c BOA specifically instructed me to stop making my payments or I wouldn't be accepted.

My daughter is now physically/psychologically suffering as well and has developed a nervous condition from the stress. I've written to several attorneys but it seems they are only interested in slip-and-fall quick money cases.

I guess no one wants to take on the big bad wolf. So much for BOA's "agreement" to do things right from their recent lawsuit.

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