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Bank of America Creve Coeur Missouri Harry H and Shawn S Continue to harass customers and businesses in the St Louis Area... They have tried to shut down competitors by falsely accusing them of things they didn't do.

I confirmed this with the legal department of Bank of America. They are very rude to other people. They state they can get a loan approved under 520 which is bogus too. If they would just mind their own business they are causing businesses lots of trouble and consumers.


Hilburg and Dolley think they own the St Louis Market. If they would fairly make their business work instead of stoop to such low levels they wouldn't make it because they don't know how to be honest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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Harry Hilburg is a liar he had my loan papaerwork for 5 months and waited until the 4th month to start the loan process but kept reassuing me that we would close in 5 days ten days 20 days 30 days i was so pissed i leftbank of america and went to USA Mortgage to Sean Zalmanoff He was great and got my loan closed in 30 days


honestymatters is making up stories he says that tfaxmobile obtained his username and password and distorting what he says.. maybe honest matters is the dishonest man from Bank of America and trying to cover his dishonest tracks.. if you are the dishonest man at BoA why don't you just admit the truth that you slander, commit libel, and harass your competitors my BoA


I never wrote the comment on 3-19-2010,

this mortgage broker must be dishonest, he obtained my login and is using it to distort what I am saying. Taking some one elses identity is dishonest. I wish this website would take action against this dishonest mortgage broker, tfaxmobile.


Actually I stand corrected, the mortgage broker was taking good care of his customer. He didn't lose the sale, but Harry was upset that the Mortgage Broker told his client that Bank of America can't get you approved under a 740 score.

So Harry and Shawn reported the Mortgage Company to BoA Legal Department.. It's a case of two BoA's employees trying to shut down their competition by harassment.


Mortgage brokers like Tfaxmobile, bear a good percentage of the responsible for the current recission. I agree, they should put their customers first, ahead of their personal wallet. I would prefer to do business with a bank, like Bank of America, over an under regulated mortgage broker.


This comment is from not from a customer but from a lending competitor (mortgage broker) who was not taking good care of his customer. When he lost the sale to someone who was honest and had the customer's best interest at heart, he became upset about losing his commission...Not so much as losing the customer but losing his commission money.