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I have had an account with bank of America since 2005. I had gone on a trip to disneyland and charged it to my card. For 5 days after I checked my account to see if it had gone through and it had not. I went ahead and charged my card 4 times and checked my online banking at 5pm and the transaction still had not posted I then checked at 10pm and still no sign of the disneyland post. I then the next day used my card again for 5 more transactions and got declined for the last one. I went into the bank and was told I would have 3 overdrafts because of the disneyland transaction that had gone through the day before. I asked how that could be when I did in fact check my account at 10 pm after the close of the days transaction.(Their cut off is 8pm any given day except sundays will post on monday.) She told me the charges would be reversed since I am a valued customer but it would have to be done the next day since it had not shown up on my account yet and I should deposit the money for the items still pending to cover those. I did.

I then checked my account the next day and found the overdrafts went through first before any transactions and it caused 6 more overdrafts as a result. I called BofA and talked to a customer service reps who sounded more like he should be on the street dealing drugs than talking to customers, slang and all. I asked to talk to his manager and was transferred to a guy who told me i had a spending problem and its not their fault they are not the ones who charge and charge with no regard and he had already spoken to his associate and its not their error. I brought up the fact that no transactions will be posted untill the next day per their policy if it posts after 8pm that day and I had looked at my account at 10 pm and it was not there and I was told I was a valued customer and these charges would be reversed. He said there was nothing he would do to help me and again I "Have a spending problem." I asked to talk to his manager and he placed me on hold and transferred me to a full mailbox which leads me to believe he was not a manager at all.

I wrote to the complaints department and to the customer service and was given a generated email that probably goes out to everyone.


Thank you for your inquiry dated 3/12/09 regarding Customer Service. We

will be happy to assist you.

While we regret to hear of the experience you have described with Bank

of America, we are glad that you have brought this to our attention. Our

commitment is to provide the highest level of service possible. These

standards demand that we treat you and your requests with understanding,

integrity and respect.

You are an important customer to us and we look forward to your

continued relationship with Bank of America. You can be assured that we

will make every effort to avoid a similar situation going forward.

Our records indicate that several transactions were presented against

insufficient funds in your account on 3/10/09 and 3/11/09; thus, causing

an overdraft in your account. Overdraft fees were assessed based on this


To avoid these fees in the future, please review the account records to

ensure that sufficient funds are available prior to issuing a check,

negotiating purchases, or any other transaction that will be processed

against the available balance. This includes ensuring that all deposited

items, whether direct deposit, transfers, or personal checks have been

posted to the account and are reflected in the available balance, and

that there are enough funds to cover outstanding checks.

We value you as a customer and appreciate your business. If we may be of

further assistance, please contact us again by e-mail. Thank you for

choosing Bank of America.


Doris ***

Bank of America

Get free e-mail or text message alerts when important activity occurs on

your account. Simply go to the Alerts tab in Online Banking and select

the alert messages you want to receive. Please note, alerts received as

text messages on your mobile access device may incur a charge from your

mobile access service provider.

Message text: This banking institution has really given itself a bad

name with me. I have banked with you since 2005 and I will never bank

with you again or pay all these overdrafts you have posted to my

account. I had checked my account as of the 9th of March and I didn't

see the Disneyland charge post to my account. I therefore did not

deposit additional money as I thought I was good with the money I had in

there to cover my charges. I then found out the next day that after 10

pm the Disneyland charge had gone through and made 3 overdraft charges

to the smaller amounts that had already been pending to my account. I

deposited money to cover the additional charges not including the

overdrafts because I was told by a branch banker that those charges

would be removed as a one time grace. I then called and was told no that

the charges would not be reversed and I would get 6 more on top of that

because I made charges to the account. So a total of 9 $35.00 charges

for one thing t!

hat did not show on the online banking that I checked and was not there

the night before.

As I understood your policy to be that all charges before 8 pm would be

reflected that day and all charges after 8 pm on that day would be

posted the following day I figured checking it at 10pm and it was not

reflected so it would not be posted until the next day so I could

therefore make a deposit the next day.

I think what you are doing is fraud. I understand I should have money in

my account to cover charges but When that account was checked on and I

was told the next day the charges would be reversed if I called the two

things that should be upheld should be in fact upheld.

Also I did call on the 11th when the charges posted and there was some

gangster sounding guy that was a manager that was to transfer me to his

manager and gave me a voicemail that was full I think the guy did this

because he was not a real manager. He didnt care what I had to say he

told me these charges where my own fault and I should not spend so

careless and so much. I told him I was not being careless I was checking

my account to make sure everything was in fact okay because my husband

was sick and I had to attend to two kids.

I thought this bank cared and I loved banking here until now. I never

thought I would have a bunch of rude unprofessional customer service



So she needless to say never answered my questions and didnt read my email since it had nothing to do with transactions that posted on the 9th. She talked about the transactions that had gone through on the 1oth and 11th that where a domino effect since the one on the 9th went through past 10pm.

These people do not even play by their own rules! Frauds!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $390.

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My God, the person who wrote this IS REALLY ***!

I didn't believe there were *** people like this in this world. You deserve to have your account closed.

That is why, when customers have a valid complain, the banks' customer service departments do not have the will nor the resources to help, because of *** like the one posting this non sense.

Yeah, commit the fault, blame on others.



You wonder how these people make it through Life!!! A Mystery in itself!! LOL If everyone were normal, like us, the world would be a much nicer place! LOL

Have a good weekend 8)



You wonder how these people make it through life!!! It's a HUGE mystery to me! LOL If everyone in the world were normal, like us, the world would be a much better place! LOL

Have a great weekend :grin


Mystery P :)

I like your style.

I hate it when these clowns come on here blaming the banks and companies because the poster is a ***-We need to stick together and not let them get away with it.

However, I must say that this NINNY really takes the DUMB *** award for being ***


Why in the world would you keep charging when u knew the trip money would come out eventually? you deserve the overdraft chagres plus $1,000 for being a *** ***!!!


You are kidding right? You used your card to pay for a trip, you know how much the trip cost, and you knew that it would come out of your account!

So you in your wisdom felt that as long as it didn't show up that you still had the money to keep charging stuff

Then it does show up (like you knew it would sooner or later) you want to blame the bank for charging you over draft fees

That is not the banks fault, that is called stupidy on your part.

I guess you feel that as long as you have checks in your checkbook it is ok to use them regardless if you have the funds with the excuse that "Well I still had checks, so what is the problem"? :zzz

Here is a piece of advice for you-ACCEPT the blame. You did it not the bank.


Shut up... nobody cares!