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I have been a Bank of America customer for 10 years and i have about 9 thousand in my checking and saving account and I applied for an auto loan to refinance my car and they turned me down and my credit is good.I will be getting all my money out of my account and putting it in another bank.The tax payer bail out BOA when they were in trouble and they won't help the consumers out at all.Peoples should take out their money from all bank of American accounts and let BOA suffer like the consumers are

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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Had a country wide loan for ten years never missed or was late with a payment of $750.00 Then Bank Of America took over in reference to BAC Loans. In less than 2 years my payment has doubled and I was just notified by one of my friends that my name was in The Palm Coast paper Bank of Melon/and of America has filed forclosure on my proper.

I have never been served with any kind of Notice. Guess banks can do whatever they want until their stopped. My family including two small children moved out just incase they want the furniture too for more money.

How many families, children and babies have suffered because of Bank Of America. Guess they can;t be stopped unless the people stopped them one bank at a time


bank of tuscaloosa, will find any reason to charge you a over draft fee. even when the money is pending and from the federal government.

is that fair no. location tuscaloosa alabama.

whats worst this is a muti-billion dollar comany. which buys up community banks from different states


I recently moved and set up my PG&E account online, so I could pay PG&E as I am elderly and disabled. When I went to pay my PG&E account they informed me that PG&E no longer accepts Bank of America Debit or Credit cards.

I called B of A and asked why PG&E would not accept my card & was told they knew nothing about it.

The individual put me on hold and after a short wait returned to tell me her supervisor advised her that it was true. PG&E does not accept payment from a B of A card. When I asked why B of A said they didn't know. I have to wonder if PG&E know something we don't know.

I've heard roomers, now I’m starting to believe them. After being a B of A customer for over 40 years I think it’s time to GET OUT & I AM!


No ***, bank of America is for welfare moms and mexicans. I mean, seriously...those *** have screwed me over time after time again!

Those bastards have even taken money from my account for no *** reason and after having to call customer service and issue a claim on the issue, they ended up putting the money into my account and taking it out..again! After calling customer service again and asking them why they didn't even know, despite talking to two managers. What a total crock of ***.

To anybody reading this: take your money elsewhere. And to anybody associated with BOA, I say this: EAT *** AND DIE!!!


What took you so long? I figured out BOA was a rip-off over 10 years ago when they started dinging me here, dinging me there for little stuff I hadn't agreed to being dinged for in the first place.

I got fed up and left long ago. All I can say is WATCH YOUR BACK (bank statements) AT BOA.

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