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I was tricked into being a new customer when trying to cash a fairly large amount of money drawn on a bank of america account. I was told the bank did not have that kind of money and that they could only give me half and then put the other on the card.

I agreed that was fine unaware it was account to be opened in my name. They said all funds were to be available immediately... I used 150.00 on the temp card they gave me and tried to use again on another purchase which the card was then declined. I called bank they said they wer investigating for fraud supposedly and closing my account and would take 15 days before I could get my money..

The funny part was it was a valid check and the funds were available from the account where the check was being drawn from as for it was for my education. way to go BofA

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Well, Bank of America got away with it. For a business checking account I discovered that if I don't keep atleast a couple of thousand (5,000 to 10,000) daily in your account then guess what they rip you for $15.00 SERVICE CHARGE which started March 2012.

Then by June 2012 you will be charged on other activities such as if you loose your ATM or need another one. I lost my home to a foreclosure 7 years ago all because BofA would not lift a finger to help me, they told me I was a risk being that I was head of a household and my income had dipped from when I originally bought my home. I was going through a divorce, a daughter in college. But they were more than happy to approve the original loan on my home being that I had good credit and that was all that they saw with greedy eyes.

The government bails the banks out and then the banks reward themselves with chipping away at folks like me who has no choice but to have a bank account to get a minimum wage job that I currently have for direct deposits.

No wonder folks rob banks, it may be out of need not greed. Whereas with BofA its greed not need for them.


i tried to cash a check for like 60 or 70 dollars. she said she couldn't cash it.

and it was written off of another major bank.

some won't cash a money order. you'd think the banks would be familiar with routing numbers of check cashing places (those within a certain mile range).


dont use bank


*** it boa

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