So I had been going to the same Bank of America for about a year to cash my payroll checks, since that is where my employers drafts our payroll checks from. Everytime I would go in they would ask if I was a Bank of America customer and I would say no and then they would ask if I wanted to open an account. I would always say no, UNTIL October 1, 2012. I went it to cash my check as usual and the tell said, "If you sign up for a Bank of America checking account today and have your check direct deposited then we will deposit $100 into your account" . So I said, why not, although I bank at Wells Fargo, whats the harm in having another checking account with direct deposit.

So I wait in the lobby for a banking associate and I am then taken to a room where the associate RUSHES through signing me up for my account. She never explained the difference between their accounts, nor did she explain any fees or restrictions regarding the checking and savings account I was signing up for. She signed my up in a matter of 20 minutes and I was out the door and on my way!

Fast forward a couple of months and I have all these fees associated with both accounts, I call to inquire and they let me know that these fees are from transfering money from my savings to checking. I let the customer service rep know I was never informed of this and I then inquire about the $100 promotion I never received and they say , they will research it and get back to me.

3 days later I get a call from a banking associate, who informs me that I didn't sign up for my direct deposit in time and that I am not eligible for the promotion. I tell him that never was I given any paperwork that stated that there was and end date to the promotion OR that I had to sign up for direct deposit within a certain time.

So here I am sill dealing with this awful company. The "supervisor" has called my 3 days in a row, and when I call her back she is never there, then I am transferred to someone who just repeats the same information over and over, "you are not eligible because you did not sign up for the direct deposit withing the time frame" Whats even worse is when I call the Marina Del Rey branch, they not only never answer their phone but say the same thing that customer service dose. However, one of their tellers did acknowledge that they didn't disclose the terms of their promotion.

Bank of America has horrible customer service and horrible business practices. I will be transfering all my funds to my Wells Fargo Account and closing all of my Bank of America accounts.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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