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I work for a law firm in Florida. Our firm has represented many clients with loans form all different banks and hands down BOA is the worst.

Even when they deal with attorneys they try to do the same run around purposely so that all the documents expire and they turn the blame on the consumer for not sending in the required documents on time...

It becomes even more frustrating when our clients call BOA and the bank acts like they do not know who we are; even after we have documentation of id numbers and times of all the conversations we have had with them...

We have had a lot of success with other smaller banks with HAMP, but it is clear that BOA is not following the guidelines.

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We had a local attorney take a couple of deputies and a moving van to the local BOA to collect fees that were owed him. BOA tried to evict his clients from their home which never had a mortgage through BOA (it was paid for with CASH). Not until the moving van pulled up at the branch did BOA even acknowledge that there was a problem and even then they blamed someone else.


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Having dealt with so many banks, is BOA truly the worst??

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