I made a deposit to my bank account. At the time of the deposit I already a positive balance.

I then made three purchases. Despite my deposit, which come to find out was 41 minutes after the deposit time(for my money to post as available), the bank charged me three separate charges. Beyond the irritating fact that I was unaware of their little deposit time rule, my favorite factor is that they take the highest amount that I spent... put my account overdrawn, then proceeded to take out the other two amounts plus charges.

When I called to appeal to their customer service department...

they offered me no help.

Thanks Bank of America.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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Ragalna, Sicily, Italy #43361

I have an account at Bank of America and went shopping yesterday. I called for gas, had a oil change and then supermarket where my card was declined.

Very embarassed, I called their customer service from the store and was told that it was flagged for fraud because i had used it 3 times in a short space of time! They then told me if I intend to do this then i have to call them to *** the fraud alert!!!

What, so now I have to have permission from my bank to go shopping!!!

I will be closing it on monday and going to a more sympathetic bank!

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, United States #43358

Apparently Dynasty Iron Doors in Pasadena is closing and the salesman named Gary Duncan is looking for another job which might explain why i can't get anyone to answer the phone. I recommend using anybody but this clown!

maybe this explains why he said they have only sold 8 doors in 5 months! *** product and *** poor service!

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