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I tried for 3 years to get a home loan modification when I became disabled and lost my job in Feb. 2010.

My payments got further and further behind as BofA continued to ignore my requests for a HLM. When they finally decided to grant me a HLM, it was a loan recast which placed all the arrears, fees and extra charges on the principal of my loan. This made my payments INCREASE to an even more unaffordable amount. In Dec.

2010 the house burned down. (I should have walked away with the insurance money then!) BofA finally gave me the recast in July, 2012 so I used all my insurance money, which was suppose to go for replacing all my furniture, clothing, etc, to pay BofA during the trial period so that I would not lose my house. Then Keep Your Home California gave BofA $100,000 for the principle reduction program on my behalf for my loan. BofA took the money, told me they were going to modify my loan because the amount had been lowered to an amount I could afford.

In the mean time, I filed a complaint against BofA with the OCC and the Federal Reserve Consumer Protection (FRCP). (Neither the OCC nor the FRCP can or will do anything against BofA. I think these agencies are either run by or bought out by the big banks!) Now BofA has Keep Your Home California's money and they are DENYING me my HLM and proceeding with foreclosure asap. They are retaliating against me because I filed those complaints.

They acted like they were going to modify the loan, took the federal money and now they are going to kick me out and take my home. I am disabled. I have no where to go. I gave them all my insurance money and successfully completed the trial period!

How can they do this? NOBODY helps the consumer.

The agencies that I filed complaints with do nothing but forward my complaint to the bank and that's it.

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We have to unite this company is destroying lives and you are right no one cares. You are not alone there are lots of us out here. Research the class action cases online and then contact the lawyers.


Seriously, sue them! Ugh, I just hate Bank of America's unprofessionalism and complete robbery! :(

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