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I have been banking with bank of america for years and they never resolve any issues! They just say I'm sorry sir!

I have over $450.00 in over draft fee's from this week alone. I have direct payroll deposit and they put through all pending transactions and automatic bill pay hours before my paycheck is deposited then charge me $35.00 for each transaction. Then return the payments and charge me another $35.00 for each returned payment so basically they charge me $70.00 all together.

My wife banks with Chase and they will do anything to keep there customers happy and the online banking is in real time. I am switching, and when I told them that they said "sorry sir is there anything else I can help you with today"

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Online Banking.

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yoooo common sense, *** for brains... BofA has some tricks and when you get you assss up..

I'll teach you some common and Bof A can go to ***! brainwashed *** of ***...

tell me common sense, what the f is a pending transaction? or is it posted but using the term pending?

:eek I hate BofA. They are theives, and they do lie to you.

I have to wait a week now because my deposited check was from a different city (same state), and they told me that they would clear the first hundred bucks of it the following day, but that didn't happen. Now with the modern miracle of technology, I could have driven to the city in which my check was written from, and back, much faster than BofA would have cleared it.

F-ing Thieves is what they are. And to the (not so) 'common sense' smarttass with your "don't spend money you don't have"... here is an idea... must be the reason abortion is still legal...


I've had my acct with BOA for 6 yrs. Never had any trouble until April 09.

Deposited a ck from another bank through the ATM and withdrew $40. The bank told me the ck bounced; it didn't. Then they proceeded to CLOSE my acct. Meanwhile I had SS ck direct deposited and they FROZE that too.

I was out of town away from my home bank and at a loss as to what to do. Numerous calls and countless trips to the local branch got me nowhere. Automatic payments were returned, outstanding cks were bounced. My credit card payments were all late becasue of the BANK'S error.

Now my interest rates have been jacked up to 29% because of BOA and their mistake. I was able to provide documentation that the ck cleared and they opened my acct. I still had to call ALL of my creditors and explain what happened and NONE of them were willing to lower my rates back down!! Talk about being screwed!!


It's like they hold your money hostage and you're guilty until they say you're not.

BTW: The customer service '***'ociate was rude!!!


Here's an idea IDIOTS...Don't spend money you don't have and you won't get overdraft fees!! MORONS!!!


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #57720
BOA rooked me in to believing I was converting my card balance in to a "gold option loan" with a fixed monthly payment in order to pay it off faster. My only other option was to pay nearly 30 % interest on an extremely high balance.

I didn't know what I know now about the lending industry. They led me to believe this was a a car loan. Hey, one day late, they jacked my low rate up to 28 %. After numerous phone calls, they agreed to reduce my balance by 1/2 if i could cough it up in 90 days.

Sounds like legalized loan sharking to me. Crooks...anyone else been taken in by Bank of America? I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and they acknowledged it but nothing has changed. I stopped paying them.

Sue me if you can. I guess they are going to rape as many card holders as they can before the consumer protection laws take effect in 2010.

Would love to hear how others have handled these low lifes. :(
This banks is really lying to customers, They said I was to get a no fee mortgage because I was a good customer.. On the last day they said I was too late and wanted $400.00 to refile my paperwork for a new home loan.

You can guess where I told them to stick their $400.00,, No wonder banks are in trouble, They are penny wise and pound foolish, Why lie to good customers. This is one of many times this bank has gave me headaches..Went with them because parents were with them.. NO MORE . New bank for us..

Thanks for listning Yes I am PISSED OFF.. JP :(

how about the monthly maintanance fee increace? on a free checking? these people are sneaky...


Bank of America is a rip off! They steal from the poor and only lend to the rich.

35.00 for a 1.70 over draft fee how does that make sense? Don't bank there they suck ***.


I have a suggestion.....don't put your automatic payments until after your pay day! I have never had a problem with this and if I do have an overdraft...they take it from our savings without penalty.

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