Detroit, Michigan

I have had issues with my accounts and the customer service stank. I was moving and there were charges on my account.

I was told to cancel my debit card and they would mail me another one and I could get a temporary one at the bank. I went to the bank and they were out. Now I was four days without a card. The one in the mail didn't come.

I called back and it had not been mailed out. They finally mailed one out. Two weeks without a card and when I got it the password had not been mailed. Another call to customer service.

A month later I found another charge and refused to cancel the card and go through all that again. In October, I was trying to add my daughter to my account, so we could easily transfer funds between FL and VA. I got the cards for her to sign and was told just to come with her ID. I made copies of her ID and brought them in and they told me to have her come in and sign.

My daughter went in and was told we both had to be present. I was already in SC moving. I was on the phone with customer service. They told me that we could be at two branches at the same time.

I was not told that ahead of time. I finally got my Dad to call customer service to call the bank and get them to cooperate by threatening to close out all of our family accounts. My daughter had to make another trip to the bank to get the card signed. I am over the ignorance and incompetence of these customer service reps.

I am a busy person and my daughter works two jobs. We don't have free time between 9 and 5 to make multiple trips to the bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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You got your dad to "threaten" to transfer his accounts. WOW.

I am sure Bank of America will care about your dad's tiny little bank account. You do realize B of A is a multi-billion dollar corporation right?


"customer service stank"?? I think you mean "stunk".

Also, have you ever heard of identity theft? That is why both you and your daughter had to be present at a branch. In your view, i could steal someones Drivers License and say to the Bank, please allow me transfer money from this account to this one, and you would expect the Bankk to do it (???). Wow, you are "trifling" to be whining over this experience.

You lose your bank card and now the Bank is ***? Get a clue.