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They didn't just take "money", they took "everything".

I am suddenly, and officially dirt broke, with negative sum in all accounts. My next paycheck is 2 weeks away. Rent is due now, I needed to put down a deposit with the electric company in order to open an account, 100% of my work usable clothing is being held hostage at a wash and fold across the street, I take a train to work, so the devil knows how I'm going to get to work, not to mention that little detail concerning daily caloric intake.

Don't get me wrong, I could stand to lose a few pounds, and it could be much worse, I do have plenty of water. I'll survive, I'm sure.

Despite the fact that Bank of America has just finished pounding me in the ***, my greatest concern right know is informational intelligence : I have no idea where I stand or what to do.

It feels like garnishing my wages, contacting me about a payment plan, or even calling me to check if I was still among the living would all have been measures which would have allowed them to collect on their rightfully owed money while allowing me to continue to maintain a household, work, and ***, I'll say it, eat.

As far as I can see, this was as fatal a blow to my livelihood as possible within their means. BoA shows up out of nowhere and pulls a "*** you and die" maneuver without even the decency to talk to me after sodomizing me, or even leaving me 15 bucks for a pack of smokes.

Think about it, end of the month, things are due, payday with hard earned bonus coming in, life is good. Then all your money, including your direct deposited paycheck just evaporate from your account AND you are utterly guaranteed a tour of duty up ***'s creek for at least 2 weeks.

Bank of America can't or won't give me any information about what is going on. Their loans department is closed for the day and I can't seem to find any tangible intel online regarding this situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $3998.

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Your complaint has allowed people to now understand the following points about the banking industry.

1. If you bank in the same location where you have a loan they have access to your money if loan payments are due.

2. Banks are not concerned about your means of survival only their bottom lines.

3. Banks are watching your money, however for their own benefit.


I'm sorry!

Your story is a reminder to me of why I do my best to never let any company have direct access to my checking accounts. I pay them instead of giving them a free pass to dip in to my accounts for their payments.

I don't want to have something like this happen to me, whether it is because a company is intentionally stealing from me or just makes a mistake. Once money leaves an account, it is almost impossible to get the financial institution to get it back for you.

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