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I signed up for a mortgage loan through Bank of America. 1 day before closing Bank of America came back with a minor paperwork issue which delayed the closing by a week.

In the meantime, I had to go back to my landlord requesting an extension on my lease, have the utilities turned back on for a week and then pay a penalty to the seller as well. As if that was not enough, 2 days before the rescheduled date for closing - Bank of America called me at 6 in the evening and told me to increase the coverage on the flood insurance (even though the existing coverage exceeded the loan amount). By then, I had already packed my stuff and had the movers coming in the next day. Despite all this Bank of America refused to apologize and suggested that we move the closing date again.

Not only that - these guys were downright rude - "instead of arguing with us, you should call the insurance company right away" (as if it is my fault that they waited till 6 pm to call). I am left with no words for this organization.

I would rather stab myself in the eye with a needle than go with these guys again for a mortgage loan. Stay away from the

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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We had our original home loan with B. of A. We decided to refinance due to the downturn in the last year or so. Contacted Bank of America thru their website. Was connected to some "experienced" ( joke) loan officer in Texas. Apparently this is just a phone center with pretend loan officers who just take your information and input into a computer. Basically a data entry loan person. Then you wait and wait and wait. What do I mean by wait-weeks and months. Then you get a call stating that "john" is no longer working on your loan refi. and now "tom" has taken over. New loan guy "tom" has not clue what you did for the last months so he asks for additional paperwork, items, etc. So now one re-sends the "same stuff" allover again. Guess wait and wait. Then, you're right,...a another loan person contacts us, called "jason" . Jason calls out of no where asking if we would like to refinance our home!! "Jason" assures us that "he can get things done". Guess what---Jason disappeared. Gone! Vanished! Needless to say, we have gone thru 4 more "loan specialists". And don't forget, they don't communicate with each other or tell each other what has happened over months. I thought they entered "all of this information" in a computer. My husband and I have been at this process of loan refinancing ( and not a new brand loan/never been with this bank before)) for over 8 months. And don't forget, there's holidays and weekends that they are closed and flu and their massive computer system that crashed.

We finally had a closing date and you're right...they, meaning Bank of America calls needing to know my contact phone numbers! Are you kidding me? They are suppose to get you the Settlement HUD-1 statement to you one day before closing. Doesn't happen. So at closing, we notice that Bank of America removed my husband's name from the loan. No body told them to remove my husband's name. Are you kidding me? Again? So, now we had to re-submit "every single piece"of paperwork again to restart a new loan refinance due to their mistake.

Guess what....its not over.

Please, please, I beg of you readers, do not use Bank of America. I know you might be tempted but please do not use them. Run! Run to another bank.


We have been working on a simple refinance with BOA and they have stalled, lost papers we submitted, asked for updated statements because so much time has passed (their fault) and they also requested increased flood insurance over the loan amount. Our current loan is with them, we are good and excellent credit rated.

I already cancelled my BOA credit card and if I wasn't so far in terms of expense paid already I would walk away. They seem incompetent.

It is amazing they are still in business. My advice...finds another bank.


Bank of America changed the closing date 1 day before the actual closing date, costing me thousands. Unprofessional, do not believe anything they said all lies.


I had very bad experience with Bank of America. they keep coming with last minutes surprises asking for some additional documents and if that was not enough, on 2 day's before the postponed escrow date they say there system failed and documents cannot be sent on time!!!

Never every work with this bank. They really do not care about customer.


I am a realtor with 26 years of experience and have never seen such a blatant disregard for the consumer as I have with B of A. I tell all prospective buyers that we will not accept an offer from any buyer who intends to use B of A.


Sympathy for you 100%... B of A did the same thing to us; bringing up last minute issues when management had clearly approved the loan.

In fact, instead of the 30yr fixed they made us go for a 5yr fixed with even more money down (forced!) and we'll have to go try to get a new loan very soon as a result.

Terrible customer service, greedy management and many many lies. Besides the current debt situation they're in, hope they get burned again (soon).

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