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Someone I knew who I THOUGHT was a friend stole my debit card and somehow figured out my pin number. They proceeded to deposit two checks and withdraw the maximum amount off of both, the checks then bounced since they were both fraudulent.

I contacted BoA about this, reporting the card as stolen. I figured Zero Liability meant that I would not be held responsible for what this thief did to my account. Zero Liability is a complete and total lie(false advertising), and they are claiming my bank accounts (which had a total of $4 in them) are now overdrawn by over $400, which they are demanding I pay or they will close the account, turn this fraudulent debt over to collections, and send a report to ChexSystems Inc.( which they claim will cause me problems if I try to open an account with another bank)

I DID NOT have possession of my card when these things happened. I DID NOT have anything to do with these checks.

I DID NOT incur the debt that BoA is demanding I pay. To claim I have Zero Liability on fraudulent charges to my account and then turn around and hold me responsible is a combination of false advertising and bait-and-switch tactics. I'm filing for bankruptcy(since I refuse to give BoA one dime for their shady behavior), and I recommend ANYONE with a BoA account to close their account and move their business to a local Credit Union.

This is a scam, from the company who played a large role in the financial meltdown of the USA. As far as I'm concerned, these people should be in jail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Debit Card.

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Next time keep your cards to yourself and let noone know of your PIN number. That is, after you go to the police and file a criminal report against your "friend". You could probably sue him for any trouble he's caused you too.



You are not screwed by boa, you are screwed by your own brain or rather lack of it.

Ridiculous how some people are *** and always try to find someone else to blame for it. You also have the nerve to post this on the internet.


According to the BoA website, 0 liability covers payments and purchases, it says nothing about deposits/withdrawals. Since it sound like you no who did this to you, you should notify the police and go after that person for restitution.

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