After applying for a MHA to lower my monthly payments, which they said I qualified for due to job loss and more, I went through nine months of waiting and checking. They told me they had received all paperwork and it was being processed. After three months, someone in India told me they had no record of anything and I was advised to resubmit 20 pages over again.

After six more months of waiting and checking every two weeks and being told my loan was being processed, being reviewed at various stages with the negotiator, the underwriter and the investor, that a final modification was eminent, they informed me in writing that I did not qualify for MHA. When I called and complained and asked if everything they had told me for months was a lie, the response was, "well, sort of." At least he could speak English.

I am furious for the mental and emotional strain I endured due to Bank of America leading me on into a vacuum. In spring of 2010 they suddenly had a large bank of customer service people to answer the phone and say, "I apologize" and give out empty information. I have no doubt that Bank of America knew it was scamming people. Had I known MHA was not an option for me, I could have sold my house before its value plummeted another $50,000 during the time B of A kept me on the hook with absolute lies. It is totally incomprehensible that they could not tell me I didn't qualify within a few weeks, even though they initially told me I did qualify. How can Bank of America get away with this?

I lost about $35,000 in Bank of America and Fannie Mae stock. Bank of America deserves the boot along with Merrill Lynch...and ALL the big guys should take the fall, but I imagine that is too many to count. Actually, I think the whole MHA program is a complete lie, a federal scam that allows banks to get federal money while they lead homeowners on. The whole program is for the banks and an insult to the American people. We've been fleeced...big time! My faith in our whole country is quite thin.

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Don't waste your time, it's definitely a scam. B of A should be ashamed of there selves. I have had the exact same issues, the exact same, nothing different.

Boonville, New York, United States #227283

I understand your pain and anguish and anger at being mistreated by these frauds. I went through 3 years of *** trying to get a modification and finally did get a permanent modification which helped slightly but now since I am still having to pay my own insurance and since they have not applied any of my payments I have not gotten an acknowledgment and I am still reported as delinquent and threatened with loss of my home. And I signed the permanent modification and they are still screwing with me and the number to call just goes to a call center where they transfer you over and over since they can't help you.

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