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Bank of America Loan Modification Scam --- I am looking for individuals who received Loan Modification Approval Contracts from the "Hope Team" which "were not funded."

Bank of America has been taking my new modified payments and but yet not updating my loan account information,. After over a year I am told that my loan modification, which Bank of America Hope Team initiated is in fact not funded. So now as a result my credit is trashed and I am at risk of foreclosure. Anyone else out there with a similar story?

Meeting with attorney soon. Please respond if you have received a Loan Modification packet from Bank of America Hope Team.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

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I too was scammed b of a regarding the "hope team" scam. Is any one persuing anythong at this time?



I have also been through the same run around. I was approved for a MHA loan and paid for almost 9 months, they MHA group keept syaing you new payment book is on its way, then we get a letter saying we have not been approved, This and the loss of paperwork seven times and now a new modification that they have tried to weasel out of due to more bad information from them. We all need to get together a sue the *** out of these guys, if this keeps up they will colapse our economy again.


Thank goodness I'm not the only one. Got laid off, called BOA because they were offering assistance for people on unemployment.

I didn't want to get behind, they made it sound so easy I went with it. What a nigntmare, i faxed and mailed everything they asked for over and over. I would call and no one could tell it the recieved it, who to talk to, or my status. My agent was changed three times.

Finally had an agent and they suspended my mortgage for 3 mnths. After the 3mnths come to find out how it was explained to me wasn't even close. Now i have a new agent, she won't tell me why, what's going on, wont return my calls in any timely manner. They are destroying my excellent credit.

Over 2mnths ago I sent all my info to my original agent, cost me 35 bucks to fax. Now they needed more info to update because they failed to do what they should have done 2mnths ago. My agent is very rude and not helpful at all.

I so confused and scared, single mom who has always paid my bills. Anyone going through the same thing and has any advise please call me, 719-237-4585


I suffered two very serious hardships,BOA was totally incompetent in handling my loan app.I faxed and refaxed over and over the same things,after six months of this I was turned down cause they said they never received the required documents.I filed an appeal letter along with the confirmation of all my faxes,a month latter it was confirmed that I was turned down due to not receiving documents.This program is a complete joke with nothing but incompentate employees and record system.People are being cheated out of a loan they both need and deserve.


YES, We are in this situation and we signed for the final modification. Nothing happened to correct the negative balances and nothing happened to finalize this (so they say)and now we are so confused what to do.

We pay the payments but nothing is applied. Any advice?


Hope team was very helpful! They made sure to tell me of any missing documents.

You have to call them and take you own time too. Don't be a lazy ***!


Three and a half years now applying for Hamp loan. Nothing but run-around and lost documents.

My credit is trashed and the note on my house will end up twice the value.

They lie to you constantly and then put you between a rock and a hard place. When is the Government going to step in and close down this *** bank?


i have just started working with the Bank of America Hope Team. I have recived a loan modification packet.


We were working with BOFA for two years. Two years of BOFA losing our documents over and over and over again. We finally got the notice "you have been approved". We had a notary sign with us, sent in $9000.00 and then made a first month payment.

The next thing we knew we got a call from a negotiator once again only to tell us our loan mod was denied! We are now out $9000.00 and back in foreclosure status.

This is fraud. If you can please call me do:

John 619-871-9303


i work for the hope team n ill tell u one thing if u know how to send in docs filled out completely, signed and dated, for the most recent month, and year without cross outs and white out's there shouldnt be any problem with getting an steady updated status from bac onm a 2 week basis u need to open up ypour eyes u get hat u put in it

:cry :) :roll :? :( ;) 8) :p :sigh :x :zzz :( :upset :eek :grin ;) :cry :? :? :) :grin :eek :( :upset ;) 8) :zzz :sigh :p :( :( :( ballz nuts p-lipz hairy cooch
i myself believe in the hope team and bank of america i love what they represent they have always shown me courtesy on calls, and has helped me with my new home loan in ways u couldnt even imagine i take pride in my country and in my balls they are so big i always beat them and lick them u wee-wee suckers aint built like me i got the biggest wee-wee in da world any of u punks wanna talk about bac but havent payed yalls payment on time smh im balling on my yacht a rich nygga with a mouf full of gold watchinh brokeback mountain eatin shrimp haha :eek :roll :?

My house has been in foreclosure 2 times with BOA. They claim we didn't sign documents they sent out March 11th 2011, guess what they never came.

We met with lawyer from Trott&Trott (foreclosure specialist)on 12-17-2010. Had a 3-way conference call with us,BOA, and foreclosure lawyer.Boa approved us and we would receive our loan docs. to sign by Fed-Ex. Guess what they never came.

Still fighting. Document everything


Does anyone have the telephone number to so that I can add my name to the class action law suit?


If you have PMI check with the PMI company and see if you are still insured. I found out last week that the PMI insurnace was cancelled Dec 09 but BOA is still collecting the PMI payment from my account.

BOA is sendiing the payment but the PMI company is send the payment back to them. BOA is not crediting my account but charging me for PMI for the last 15 months.


Bank of America scammed our family too. I did 2 loan modifictions with them, which after 8 months I was finally approved.

They sent us the packet, everything, and we signed the paperwork for the new payment and lower interest rate. However, after paying the new amount, I noticed that I was not receiving the new payment voucher in the mail, and the OLD loan was still online and not updating, and the monies being paid were being held in escrow but not applied to the loan. I called the Bank of America Class Action Lawsuit, ( I researched and found it online) and added my name to the class action lawsuit.

They were pocketing the money, and not modifying the loan. Complete *** artists


You may have a case to Sue Your Lender/Mortgage Co.

Click Here:


Your home value is extremely less than your Mortgage

You have been getting the run around from your Bank instead of a Loan Modification

You think you have been a victim of a predatory lender

Click Here:

You have a “Pick a Payment” or a “Negative Amortization” Loan

Your broker falsified your income;

Your broker hid his or her fees;

You weren't immediately given a copy of the good-faith estimate and weren't given an accurate HUD-1 statement breaking down all fees at closing;

After signing the contract to refinance your mortgage, you didn't walk out with a "notice of rescission" that explains your rights to cancel the refi within three business days;

You were led into a subprime loan though your credit would've qualified you for a better loan

You were lied to or deceived

Click Here:

"The bottom line is, are you in a loan that you can't afford, and were the terms of the ultimate loan really different than what you were told you were getting, and what you understood you were getting?"


Ok- Why didn't I pull this site up 10 months ago..... I see one post of a class action lawsuit?

Has anyone an update on this end of it?

I'd like to sue them for my own piece of mind at this point. I too have been working with the Hope Team since June of last year to no avail.


Heard all of this before.....they didnt recieve faxes, its being reviewed, its in closing etc...10 months and loan modification was denied due to not recieving a document that was faxed over and over to them!!! Their company and rude employees will go out of business-stealing our money is what they do best!!!!

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