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Nikki White's call to customer service

June 16, 2011 Bank of America Home Modification Customer Service

Customer Service Rep. Thisbeth @ ext. 1194

Reason for the Call: Marlene Estrauda told me to call (888)325-5399 to request the LPV data used when determining my eligibility for a loan modification. As of today I have requested the NPV data from 3 separate customer service reps at Bank of America. The MHA Handbook clearly states on page 54:Non-Approval Notice must list the NPV Data Input Fields and Values used in the NPV evaluation as listed in Exhibit A. The purpose of providing this information is to allow a borrower who is ineligible because the Transaction is NPV negative the opportunity to correct values that may impact the analysis of the Borrower's eligibility.

All Non-Approval Notices must include an e-mail address and mailing

Address for communicating with the servicer if the borrower wishes to dispute the reasons for a Non-approval determination and to submit written evidence.This Beth's response when I requested my NPV data was that "you were not denied because of the NPV" So there are no figures in your system that were used to run a NPV evaluation?On Monday 6/14/11 the "loan was escalated" is what I was told. (Evading the NPV subject)I asked This Beth what that means. Does it mean they are sending the NPV? She says a request was made and it takes 30 days.To make sure I was clear on what she was telling me I asked again, someone is mailing me the NPV data? Thisbeth said "Yes"I asked if she knew "who" was going to process the request. She said the underwriter that worked my application is the person who would prepare the information.On May 27th I asked who the underwriter was and I was told she could not give out that information.Thisbeth said the underwriter is Michael Knauer and his number is 480-224-6177 I asked him if he was the underwriter that reviewed and denied my application. She said yes Michael Knauer is the underwriter

Again, Bank of America gives me the run around

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $260.

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Timely writing , I am thankful for the specifics - Does anyone know where my business could acquire a template a form version to edit ?


To Isabel 1170, what happened with the mods that your people got? I just got mine and we are happy.

It took awhile but it finally went through. We are now paying half of what we used to pay.


My mod was approved recently after almost 2 years of runaround and missing docs. I was very happy but I now am concerned.

Is it solid or am I in for a surprise? Anybody with a similar story?

Kifisia, Attica, Greece #309602

Same story they gave me. I have attempted to modify my mortgage with them under the Making Homes Affordable program and their own internal modification department.

I was turned down for the same reasons as you.

They have no interest in helping consumers, their only motivation is to foreclose and get the "bad debt" off their books. Good luck.

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