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Hello everyone!

My name is Karen and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bank of America issued me a loan modification approval in July 2009 and has not honored it. My credit is screwed. I anticipate the Sheriff on my doorstep any day. I have hired an attorney. That's what it is going to take to get my loan and life straightened out!

There is HOPE! And NOT the kind offered by Washington and the likes of BoA!!!

There are several cases in WA, CA and AZ handled by Bergman law firm. These attorneys have a hearing scheduled for Sept. 30th before the federal courts asking to join these states together into a class action suit. Here's what you need to do to get involved:

Get your story into a word processing document 1,000 words or less (you will copy and paste your story, please no profanity). Then go to the following website to register:

Then go get your paperwork out! Organize it! Start recording your phone calls with BoA. Call them often! Make notes of dates, names, and conversations. Document, Document, Document Everything!

Next: Go back to your story. Make sure that you spell out "Bank of America" everywhere in your story instead of abbreviating it as BoA. This will help our posts show up better when someone Googles it!!! (I also include "loan modification fraud or scam.) Now! Copy and paste that sucker everywhere on the net. Let's get the word out! Your local media outlets need to hear your story! I've emailed several national media outlets i.e., Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, can too!

There is POWER in numbers!!!! I will predict that this issue will take Bank of America down!!!

Good luck to everyone!


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Since 9-2008 I have been approved 5 times and have sent signed documents back to BofA.. They finally returned a signed copy 4-2012 but immediately sent a letter saying it was still in remediation.

Had several since. The last I heard in 8-2012 it was done but then had letter saying loan was sold to another lender and the new lender showed immediately I was $4000 behind. The only thing they have done is stall taking payments from$983 to $1187. They also have added over $25000 in back interest to loan.

ANd 7.4 interest rates. I hope this information gets out to someone who it can help.


I have tried for a loan Modification for about a year and constantly they continue to lose my application which cause to stop all over and give themselves time to foreclosure on my home which I need drastically due to my Disability.