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I bought a condo and was given a home loan by countrywide. When the economy crashed in 2009 I, who was a finish carpenter, was one of the first to loose my job.

We called Bank of America right away and we were told they couldn't help us unless we were already late on our payments, we had NEVER been late so we waited the 3 months they told is to and called back. We were then informed that we didn't qualify because our condo had lost so much of its value ($189,000 down to around $50,000) Our next move was to do a short sale, we found a wonderful real estate agent who offered to help us for free. The only catch was that the homeowners association didn't have proper insurance on all the condos so we could only consider cash offers. We had three all cash offers for more than the condo was now worth Bank of America denied every offer so after a year and a half we lost hope.

We were informed that we could be evicted within 6-9 months so we told them there was nothing more we could do and to go ahead and foreclose on it. Within a few months we moved to Montana to start rebuilding our lives in 2010. In 2011 we filed bankruptcy. When asked if we wanted to keep our condo we told the lawyer no and we chose to surrender it.

We were under the impression that the condo was no longer ours after the bankruptcy. A job opportunity brought us back to Washington in 2012 when we got a call from Bank of America saying they still hadn't foreclosed we told them there was no way we were going to be able to get caught up and they should have taken it back years ago. Shortly after we received a call from the trustees office informing us that the condo was going to be auctioned off, we then asked if there was anything we needed to do they said "No" we thought it was over. Then in 2013 we received another call from Bank of America we were shocked to find out that they STILL hadn't taken it and AGAIN we told them there was nothing we could do that's why we had walked away 3-4 years ago.

We were so confused as to why it was taking so long to foreclose when we had made NO attempt to keep the condo. In February 2014 we were served with papers from the homeowners association saying they were suing us for all the fees for those years BoA hadn't foreclosed ($20,400). The HOA got a judgment against us and started garnishing our wages at a crippling number. Frantically we called Bank of America to see if they had foreclosed yet and they still hadn't!

And that's why the HOA sued us because if they would have waited they could only come after us for 6 months worth of fees. FINALLY in I think June of 2014 they foreclosed but we are still on the hook for the fees that we had NO IDEA we were even responsible for. We were NEVER contacted about owing anything ever. So we called Bank of America to see if they could help us since it was their fault they hadn't foreclosed and they said they might be able to.

Weeks later we finally got a call that they were paying the amount which had swelled to over $28,000, in full. They were sending the check out that night or the following day. YAY!' We weren't going to be homeless!! Then a week passed, no word no check.

So we called and they said that after that call they "reviewed their policies" and found that they weren't responsible. So they weren't sure how much they would pay for. They then told us they were only responsible for 6 months worth of the fees and that would be what they would pay which they STILL haven't paid. We have reached out to everyone we could think of to help us and even filed a complaint with the attorney general.

Bank of America flat out lied saying we had never tried to do a short sale when there are records of the offers in the John L Scott database. Fast forward to this year and they haven't paid ANYTHING our checks are still being garnished and we feel hopeless and are about to lose everything.

I believe that Bank of America should be responsible for the fees during all they years they did not foreclose because that was absolutely not of our doing.

We tried to cut everyone's losses in 2009-2010 when we tried to do a short sale which they denied all offers, we made NO attempt EVER to keep the residence, and we never resided in the residence after March of 2010. We, my children, should not have to lose everything AGAIN because of their delay.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Loan Modification.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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go online and become familiar with Consumer Financial Protection Agency which is the successor to the comptroller of the currency complaint process. file a complaint with the COTC which will be forwarded on to the CFPA.

that should help take care of the problem. good luck to you my deepest condolences for what you have gone through and continue to go through because of a horrible horrible Bank of America.


I know exactly how you feel. Raped is the only word that comes to mind with BOA.

We are having the same issues as you. I've filed numerous complaints with BBB. I hate to say I'm happy to hear, in this case read, that unfortunately someone else has had this same devastating experience with BOA. I thought maybe it was only us they've screwed.

In our case it's still not ended. I hope to see if finally end. Yet, they've already ruined my credit. As with you they told us we had to be 90 days delinquent in payments.

The only hope is in the ended the idiots we've had to deal with, for 3 years, get it in return, hopefully foreclosure, so they can feel an ounce of heartaches as we have. I hope you get peace soon.