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If anyone out there is having the same problems as I am having with Bank of America MHA, please go to my web site and send me an email. I'm going to sending all emails I collect to Washington DC, 20/20 and Dateline NBC. We need to stand together and expose this financial institution for fraud. I've entered into a Making Home Affordable Program back in June 2009, made all payments and still in the dark about what is really good on with my loan modification. As of January 27, 2009, I told BofA that January's payment would be my last one to them because, twice I had been told I was approved, once in August and once again in September. My online workout information on BofA's website confirmed this fact for three months. I enter into this program which stated in the documents received from BofA that there were no fees associated with this MHA program and yet there was going to be fees. Here's a copy and paste of my approval and fees.

Workout Status Detail: Your Loan Modification has been approved, and all collections activities have been suspended as a result of this approval. Next steps will include a call from a workout negotiator who will explain the terms and options of your approved workout including all conditions required for the final completion of the workout, such as upfront funds. You will also receive a package of documents in the mail. These documents are time sensitive and must be signed, notarized and returned to us in 10 days, including any required upfront funds. If you have not received your workout package and/or a phone call from your negotiator by 01/19/2010, please contact us. Please do not call back before 01/19/2010 as that may delay the process. Please respond promptly to any calls or requests that you may receive from Home Retention Department during this time period. Lack of response will cause your workout to be delayed or cancelled. Thank you. Information as of: 11/20/2009Workout stage: Approved

The paperwork for the MHA program also stated that if approved I would be receiving a modification within within 45 days of my last trial period payment, which was on August 1, 2009. This has never came. Now a gentleman called me on February 9, telling me to send another set of documents to him because he was going to underwrite my loan modification the following day. See Copy and paste of if approved, I would be receiving a modification Thank you.

I will look for the documents to underwrite the loan by tomorrow.

Morgan xxxxx

Loan Modification Team

Now I'm being told that it should take a few weeks now. See below,


I apologize for not sending you a reply. I completed the underwriting on the 15th. It will move into the final step of the process and the loan has been picked up by the department which runs the loan through the Treasury model. You should hear something within a few weeks.

Thank you very much for your patience,


Loan Modification Team

Please go to my website, as I'd like to hear from you as well. (Cpoy & paste)

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There is no way in *** you're getting $1000 a year if you pay on time. And no way they forgave 100k in debt!

We did everything right, all documents were correct and sent certified. We had proof of all items sent and we did everything as asked. Paid all the trail payments on time, in full. We qualified fully and even got approved, but they raised the *** mortgage!

If we couldn't afford $1814 then how the *** could we swing $1901? I lost my job, my husband was laid off 6 weeks. We had 1/3 less income.

It was a joke. A sick joke.


We started the process for MHA in the very beginning. It was late 08 or early 09 when it first became available.

We had boa. The MHA website said we qualified and they could lower our interest rate to as low as 2%, extend the loan out up to 10 years more and forgive part or ALL the back debt. They even had a calculator to show you how low your payment could go. HAHA!

Lies! Boa did NONE of that. They didn't forgive one red cent of debt, didn't extend the loan and lowered us from 6.5 to 6% interest. Our payment went from $1814 to $1901!!!

They raised it!!!! We sent them paperwork dozens of times, the whole process took almost 2 years and they had the nerve to approve us and raise the payment! We walked. Well we short sold it.

Paid $196k in 2007 and in 2010 sold it for $130k!

I could have afforded it at $130k!!! I hate boa and mHA was a big lie and a scam!!!!!


After identical nightmare + complaints filed with the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB), Senators the President and anyone else we thought might help...we signed a LOAN MOD with BOA under pressure. Rec'd package FEDEX with FINAL LOAN MOD PAPERWORK, must have signed, notarized & returned in 3 days IF NOT, we'll foreclose - payment went down slightly BUT, we have a $250,000 balloon payment at the end of loan.

We have decided to sue BOA for the emotional anguish, ruined credit & clear criminal activity that you all have endured as we did.

Looking back, it consumed our every waking moment with a rollercoaster of anxiety, panic, anger, depression, disbelief, disgust and helplessness for 2 1/2 years we faced being homeless (w/ruined credit impossible to buy a new home) at the mercy of BANK OF AMERICA. Shame on them and shame on our government for letting them!


On 12-17-2012 after months of waiting on my loan mod the rep tells me that I had been approved by underwriting on 12-14-2012 and to wait for the docs. On 12-24-2012 Christmas eve I get the FedEx package stating that I had been turn down due to “not in the financial interest of the investors”… what the ***!!!!


Bank of America continues to ask for the same docs over and over and over again. Never monitoring the status of my account.

Never proceeding. Denying. reopening. requesting addtl docs.

Upon complaining repeatedly, I was then approached at 9pm at home by an unmarked police car. A gentleman claimed to work for JMA, a third party co hired by BOA to ensure that docs are received, accounted for and completed to spec. They ensured that they would go over everything before submitting to BOA in order to avoid the run around that had been given thus far.

After two months, BOA contacted me stating that my docs are incomplete. They have asked me to resubmit in may, july, september and October of 2012....


I have had problems with bank of america since april 2011, i started to fall behind in march 2011 due to a reduction of income, so first thing i did is call boa and told them my situation and boa told me that i had to be 3 months behind before they could help me, makes no since so i waited 3 months and called boa back and sent paper work over and over for a year, so in august 2012 boa informed me there was nothing they could do for me since i was over 12 months past due and i had a fha loan and that if i was still under 12 months i would of been approved if i had all my paper work in, WHAT thats all i been doing for a year is sending paper work, so i contacted fha to complain and get answers and they transfered me back to boa, are tax dollars that go to are goverment and there programs that we fund is a joke the gov and banks are in bed together, so know im in foreclosure and hit brick walls every where i turn"WE THE PEOPLE" dosent exist anymore


I first applied for a modification in March of 2012 when my husband and I legally separated. There were the enless phone calls, faxes, Fed-Ex packages, and other hoops I had to jump through just like everyone else.

I fell behind by 30 days immediately after the separation, but busted my behind and brought the account current. Like others, I borrowed from family, sold things at yard sales, and drastically cut back living expenses for myself and my three children all in an effort to save my credit and keep my account current. Just this week when I phoned B of A yet again to inquire about my status, I was informed that the delay was due to the fact that my loan was not 60 days behind and they were having to make an exception for me. The man who told me this also asked why I was even bothering to try and stay in my home (which I've lived in for more than a decade and which all of my children have been growing up in).

He said that "studies" show that the main reason single mothers struggle financially is because they try to maintain the same lifestyle they had when they were married. Clearly this man has no grasp on reality, which I told him when he admitted to me that he is neither married nor does he have children. He also told me that I had wasted my time and money by paying my mortgage for the last six months because my credit would be trashed as soon as I enter the "trial period". He said that my loan payments would be reported as "late" to the credit bureaus during that time.

I asked him why none of the other dozen or so people I've spoken with over the last several months mentioned this, and his answer was, "I don't know the answer to that." That seems to be the mantra at B of A.

How is all of this legal? There is no way that this was the intent of the Home Affordable program, and I can't believe B of A is getting away with it.


Same delay tactics here. Have made 13 payments and while the 'partial payment' column on my online account shows the payments, the payment due amount, interest and other figures have never changed.

The payments have not been applied to my account yet. Constantly calling every month to make a payment and now this month the process has changed and I cannot get to my 'account manager'. I filed an email with the Oregon state attorney general and within B of A was escalated to the concierge department of the CEO, but that was it. Oregon AG said no fraud had been committed yet.

So, SSDD. Trying to make my payment on the phone now and they are still screwing up.


I've been trying to get a modification for over 2 yrs now w/ BOA! I've applied probably 5 times and submitted everything I was told to each of those times.

The first 3 times they stated they never received all of the docs but not till I called them to check the status. Then one time a third party named NCCI came by the house, collected and looked thru all the docs, accepted them as complete, mailed them express mail to BOA for me, and still I heard nothing until I called them and was told I didn't qualify. In June I reapplied again, faxed everything that was requested to them, I call to check if everything has been received and they add another bank statement that wasn't originally req to my requirements and state to me that there's a question mark on the application so that page isn't acceptable so I also needed another printout of that one page. Really, a question mark next to my answer on that page requires me to download and fill out a new one???!!!

So I did a new page and also sent them another bank statement. I call back apx 2 weeks later to find out that I'm denied again. The person who I was connected to couldn't even tell me why I was denied. I asked to speak to a mang and was connected to one.

That guy couldn't tell me why I was denied but started the whole process over yet again. Now I'm left having to yet again submitt paperwork they've received 5-6 times already. They already have my past couple years tax returns yet they keep requiring them again.

That info doesn't change so why would I need to keep submitting copies of my past 3 yrs tax returns when I've already verified w/ them that they are in their system? So sick of this process that I'm just about ready to say take the house cause I don't have time for this and don't want to pay any money to a bank that's so not customer service focused!


do not send documents through mail you will get the run around and end up in foreclosure fax your documents only at bank of america don't go elsewhere or you will get the run around and end up in foreclosure, fax your documents at bank of america and make sure you leave with confirmation of all documents


I've been in the FHA loan modification with bank of america since june 2011. I was approved in April 2012.

I had questions about the numbers sent to me. I finally got an answer when I was transfered back to california from the east coast. The notary from the bank fianally came to notarized the paperwork. He turned them in after the date on the packet.

My modification was denied based on that. I've never heard of such a thing!!! Now my credit report says I'm delinquent by 3 months, and Ive paid my mortgage each month...I've never been behind-I went from my regular mortgage payment to the modified amount never missing not one payment!!

I don't know what to do?? I can't try to refinance with a different bank or my credit union because of the dings they've put on my credit report.(the only negatives on my credit is what B Of A has put there) I feel stuck with no recourse!!


As a former in employee of BoA, everything you have stated is correct. I worked in the mortgage/home retention dept and everyday we were told to give out information that I felt was giving people the run around.

After four months of complete mess I high tailed it out of there.

I suggest for everyone who a similiar story of you have given BoA the correct paperwork, etc. document it, along with the employee's name & id number (because we all had one it's four digits long) an contact your state's attorney because in my personal opinion I felt all the were doing was scamming people at taxpayer's expense.


Hello LC, I have been trying a loan modification for the 3rd time, it is going on since feb04/2013 as far as my last attempt, to this day,03/31/2013, I have been told it's under review, and noe they are seeking a third party regarding an mortgage insurance issue. we have been current for 30 straight months but have paid late past the 16th due date,never over 30 days.

we have accumulated nearly $4000 in late charges because of my direct deposits falling past that 16th day, we dont want to loose our home, do you have any suggestions to help us?? I am loosing my home and my wife, we are both on SSD, and cannot work, in no time, there will be no money to pay them, we were victimized by countrywides sub-prime lending back in 2007, Please give me the best advice you can, regards, JOHN.


We have applied for the BOA modification 3 times and each time they say something is missing after MONTHS and ONLY after we call to find out what's taking so long. this last time we have been waiting since September and for the past 2 months we have not gotten a hold of a LIVE person or anyone return our calls.

I lost my job in Sept 2009 and am disabled due to a back injury and cannot work.

We have been borrowing money for the mortgage, had to use my wifes college financial aid to pay every month, and live on food stamps. My wife is done with college and we have NO INCOME other than her VA disability.

It's like BOA is deliberately going out of their way to foreclose on our home.

and to top things off we cannot even get customer service with a loan question because every call we make is forwarded to the rep who is never there. Our payment went UP $100 and we have no idea WHY!!!!


I have spent over 2/ 1/2 years with BoA and over 90 hours on the phone with them. I have sent them the same paper work over 5 timee, they say wait a week and call back if they recieved them. I call back they said they had then I call back a week later they say they do not have them. There are two differant departments I found out who handles the information and thy do not talk to each other.

BoA and I finally got on the same page and after a month they denied me after 2 1/2 years. I went with a law firm paid them their fee and I was just approved with my first loan that took over a year. I am still waiting for the second loan to be approved.

At the time I was expecting the interest rate to drope to about 4% or so they only dropped it by 1 point from 7 1/2 to 6 1/2.

Through all this I had a stroke last December with all the pressures from Bank of America and losing the house.


I too went thru this program and was told to make half payments for a year until the modification to the loan was complete only to be denied a year and a half later and told I had to pay all the back pay and bank of America raised my house payment to 1600 a month... It's such a mess and now the house is in danger of foreclosure! Bank of America are snakes and I'm so disappointed in boa and our government who said they were going to help!


We called B of A. They said you have to be behind in your payment.

I am never behind in a mortgage payment no matter what. Then, they sold us off to GreenTree. I called green tree they said, we don't do financing. We are not a bank!

I called fannie mae, they put me through to a "debt consoler" who said that I need to promise to go to a food bank or she would not recommend a refinance under obama's program.

*** obama.*** green tree and *** Fannie Mae.

The debt consolers name is Cynthia Respicio. You can email her at


My wife and I were also interested in the MHA program after listening to President Obama talking about how great it was going to be. Bank of America spoiled that.

After two months of run around and having to submit the same documents over and over we finally told them to forget it.

This is nothing but a joke and we are the ones being made fools of. They have no intentions of helping anyone.


We knew that my husband was going to be laid off from work. Before we got behind on our mortgage we contacted BoA home mortgage department to try to lower our payments so that we would not be foreclosed on.

We knew that he would not receive unemployment benefits. They told us to work with an affiliate and do an RMA form, etc. I did that and it took months to hear anything. Finally, the BoA asked me to do 2 more RMAs directly with them.

It took months again and during that time, I had a very serious on the job injury. This put us behind on our mortgage again then we hear that we been denied on the Making Home Affordable program. Now the bank is sending a representative from Titanium Solutions to once again fill out the RMA forms and give them, once again our tax info and our payroll info. I am sick of it.

We need relief from this high payment.

Oh, and ONE time, BoA lost our information we sent to them. This has been going on over a year now.


My husband and I have been dealing with Bank of America for over a year. It is a continuous cycle of them stating that we never sent all the information they need to process our request for modification.

We have sent them all the information they needed NUMEROUS times with no result. We never receive any phone calls, then a letter will come in the mail stating that they have made many attempts to contact us, which is a lie. I was on the phone AGAIN last night with them after we received a letter stating... "In accordance with the terms of your home loan agreement, your property has been referred to forclosure." At the beginning of the phone conversation they confirmed our contact number.

They then said my husband's former inlaws home number as the phone number they had on file. I have no clue as to how they got this number considering that my husband has been divorced since 2006, and neither of us has ever resided at that address. Since the birth of our premature twins, I have been out of work and we have fallen behind on our finances. All we are trying to do is work with them to help get back on track.

It breaks my heart to live in fear of losing my home and it is unfortunate that honest, hard working people need to deal with nonsense such as this. I am beyond frustrated...