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I got my 2010 Mortgage Interest Form 1098 from Bank of America and

the Property Tax was on the back of the form. I called them and explained

that the Property Tax should be in box 5 on the front.

They agreed to make the change.

A week later I got another copy of the incorrect form.

I called again - explained - they promised - a week later - another

copy of the wrong form.

I called again - and they said - we don't have to put it on the form.

So if you lose money because your 1098 was filled out wrong -

Bank of America doesn't care about you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

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BOA is the most incompetent group of people I have ever dealt with. Do not try to refiance with them, they will screw that up too!!! Hate it that they bought out my original Lender.


According to BOA, I didn't pay a single penny in property taxes in 2011 and only paid one month's worth of interest all year. How I wish that were true!


BoA didn't even send me all of the need 1098s for 2010 taxes. I had to call them and ask for one to be sent (And I am still waiting for it). I asked if I could have seen this info on the site and she said “no you cannot get info of closed accounts on the webpage even it was open most of 2010.” I was thinking really?, I am pretty sure that the IRS says they need to send a 1098… After reading this page I am going to make sure the amounts seem right.


I just spent 90 minutes of my life being transferred from one BOA *** to another trying to get them to explain how I paid almost $13K in 2010 on an interest-only loan but they put just over $9K on my 1098 form. Needless to say I was not satisfied in the least with their feeble explanations.

All they seemed interested in was asking me when I was planning my next payment on my mortgage on a home they are literally stealing right out from under me.



I agree....I recently had a loan modification approved and have not been able to track payments posted and received my first 1098 which I somewhat agreed was close enough! Then I received a corrected 1098 this weekend that is way off and increases my tax liability.

My property taxed is also off! Please review your statments for accuracy.


Same here. Property tax paid of my escrow account is on the back of my BoA 1098 form instead of in Box 5. Given the property prices in California and the tax rates, this would have cost me several thousand dollars.

No wonder so many people hate Bank of America