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Are you a homeowner, like myself, who is in financial distress. Did you also receive a Bank of America, Making Home Affordable Package, fill it out and send it in with all required documentation, and still have no idea what is going on with your modification. Are you tired of getting the run-around every time you call them? If so, your in the same boat as me and thousands of other people. This banking institution is getting away with FRAUD and the reason they are getting away with it, is because nobody will stand. So, many of us are carrying around shame and won't set aside their pride and do something about this. I'm not saying that everybody should get a modification, what I am saying is that a simple yes or no from Bank of America would suffice,and this banking institution won't even give me that much because as long as their taking your money there's no reason for them to do anything. If we all don't stand up now, nothing is going to happen. Please go to bofamhaloanmod.com and send me an email with a summary of what your going through with BofA and lets get some attention focused on this problem

Kathy Bateman

Los Angeles, CA

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I have been at this for 3 years and they still say i am in review. Every home owner I have spoken with says the same.

The goverment has no real power with these giants. Goverment and big busness is one. They take our tax dollars to help them make the difference between the short sale and whats owed. Why would they want to help u.

This program was a way to shove it to us while there where other bigger plans in the works. Goverment is way to big and powerful. They do we sit and do nothing. We are inslaved by our goverment through Taxes.

We work fo rthe rich and powerful. Taxes go to the powerful institutions via tax bail outs and we accpet it becuase there is a *** *** program that has help vitual no one.


I've been in HAMP trial for almost 2 YEARS! My family has been defrauded so badly I don't even know where to begin! We entered Trial plan with B of A in November 2009 and our first payment began Jan 2010. Bank of America then produced false documents to make us believe we were in HAMP, however, they had entered us into a Special Forbearance Agreement without our knowledge or consent. An executive from the Office of the President and CEO told me what happened, then sent me a letter. The next day he lost his job. B of A informed us we were denied from HAMP for negative NPV.....and ofcourse I spent 6 months and over 1,000 phone calls to BofA to retrieve the NPV results--(ofcourse they couldn't provide them because it never existed--we were in forbearance). My monthly complaints to the OCC, my congressman, Oregon Attorney General go unnoticed. No response. No care. No one cares! We continue to make our payments every single month and have NEVER been late--yet we are facing foreclosure!! This is fraud! In November 2010 we were told that our appeal was granted, underwriting was complete and our permanent mod would arrive in 30 days. It has now been 6 MONTHS and B of A just keeps saying...."it could take another year, we don't know."

No one at Bank of America will listen! To add insult to injury, they began reporting us 120+ days late to all credit reporting agencies although we have NEVER missed a payment OR even been late. It's against the servicing guidelines AND RESPA section 6 consumer protection laws.

the government agencies aren't listening. The OCC received my request to investigate way back in August (9 months ago) and now tells me they have sent B of A a demand to respond every month for the past 9 months and still no response! What remedies do you have to make them respond to you is the question I ask most often. The OCC assures me that Bank of America MUST respond to them....wow, it's been 9 months and they still haven't!!

My credit is destroyed. My family business has collapsed as a result. My house is on the brink of foreclosure although we have never missed a payment. We continue to be told we are in HAMP review....still waiting for permanent mod. Coming up on 2 years in this mess--it just keeps gettting worse.

Every attorney I call is eager to help until they hear it's Bank of America then they say, "Well, they have a lot of lawyers, it may not be worth your time. Just wait it out."

Im a mess. My 4 kids are stressed. My family is distressed. My home is my home. Someone please listen to me! The Government cannot ignore this anymore!!


Guys!~you need to ask the bank for your loan documents and go over them.. You need to google closing loan doc's mandatory.

Find out what they are and are NOT giving you there is also another site for respa violations just google free respa violations check.. when you have the ammo and information then send them a nice letter like I did.. then you CC. the FTC, the comptroller of currency , the FBI for mortgage fraud, also go to MERS .com and find your loan and servicer..

my paperwork is full of fraud, deception, upstating values and even they lied on my income I have my W2.. get your paperwork.. write your letters, go through your loan docs.. just don't sit and cry and say we need a hunger strike or sit in..

come on people.. also you can go to.. www.wheresthenote.com.. interesting site..

which will enable you to send a letter directly asking for the note.. if they respond with you CITE no legal authority then get them for NOIV.. they are after all under FDCPA and are debt collectors..

good luck.. everyone.


Bank of America perpetuated a fraud on me also. I lost my job and was barely able to make payments. So I applied for unemployment. That and my wife's income barely pays our mortgage. Obviously, we are in trouble and meet the 33 per cent test. We applied. They claimed lost documents. STANDARD. I made noise. They ESCALATED my loan application.. whatever that means. Then they suddenly bundled tax and insurance payments in escrow, without ever approving or denying me. I asked and they kept on saying my application was in QUALITY CONTROL. I thretened to stand outside hteir office and go on hunger strike. They came quickly back to me and said that I was denied because:

I did not face a hardship, as I was making payments.

Then they said I could appeal their decision, but they never sent papers.

They sent me papers for another program, that they denied in 24 hours.

The bank is a fraud.



Thanks and may we all succeed!



Bank of America is run by scam artists and if not af american, ur in big trouble!

Obama..... is horrible!!


I have been going through the same situation as everyone else. I've been denied twice.

The first time was they told me I didn't make all my trial payments, which had made all trial payment. I filed an appeal and it was granted so it then went back into underwriting. A month later then again I was denied because of missing documents. Which all my docs had been submitted.

I then filed another appeal and it was granted, so again I am back in underwriting. It has been a year that I have been on trial payments and still I can not get an answer. Now get this....I just received a letter from the second loan on my home which is bank of America as well, they are suing me for the second mortgage on my home. They want me to pay $160,000.00 plus interest and fees.

That is FRAUD! I bought my home for $650,00.00 and now its worth $350,00.00. How can they get away with all of this and now try to sue me. If you have a second mortgage on the home there is a way to file for a bankruptcy and get ride of the second for good.

We do need to do something about it! if we don't again we get taken advantage of and they get away again!


I have about the same story as eveyone else. Started program April 2009 and after about 5 months of making trial payments and trying to check status every month was told I had to fill out the package again. So was mailed six more packets isn't that a joke.I filled out the paper work again. Have notmissed a trial payment but was told on Oct 12th that my property was put into forclosre, got the letter a few days later and they were dated Oct 9,2010 Isn't that interesting the same date the told the press that they were putting a hold on the foreclosers till they could make sure all paper work was being done right. HA HA So now I owe $29000.00 plus the extra cost and cann't find out anything. I was wondering if anyone has heard that BofA is paid $1000.00 every month by the goverment for everyone of these loans they have in this program. I was told this by a reliable source but cann't seem to find out from any anyone else about this. That would explain why we are all still waiting. I haven't been able to find one person that has received a modifaction from BofA. I never had any problems with Country Wide bu BofA is a JOKE!!



These program only benefit the banks so they don't end up with another foreclosure.

Back in October 09 I called Bank of America and only inquired never signed up. Plus I did not even qualify since I was on unemployment. You all know how thorough I am I called several times to find out more information about the process finally a supervisor actually told me it would ruin your credit. They hold four payments as if they are late waiting to see if you even qualify.

Thinking I had no worries since I did not sign up I continued to mail my payments in regularly as usual.

I had a new roof put on and had to send my insurance check in to the bank for their signature. When they did not send it back I called the bank and phone call went directly into the collections department. (what the heck I have always had perfect credit) They kept telling me it was a computer glitch. Finally I got the check back.

Then in December I noticed my payment had not cleared the bank and was going to be late. I called the bank and once again my call went directly into collections. After several calls and being put on hold and then being hung up on I found out I was put into the Making Home Affordable program and they were holding my checks for four months. Which would ruing my credit. I went to the nearest branch and sat for over four hour refusing to leave until this was straighten out and my payment was made. Actually the bank had closed and I was still there. Finally they said is was straightened out and I had a receipt for the the payment.

This continued to happen and it has been a terrible struggle for me to try and clear this up. Finally one Branch Manager has helped and got them to pay one house payment for me for all my trouble while someone try to straighten this out. They continue to say it is a glitch in the system and they take the codes out of the system and some how they come back. Bank of America has been unconcerned and I am just a number to them. I finally wrote a complaint to the OCC and that got their attention. After being passed around to four different employees at a higher level as they all remind me now that my account goes directly to the Office of the President instead of collections. I hand feed each person all the information and lead them to the problem and they remove the code and think they are a hero....... One lady was actually cleaning up my credit month by month while everyone else told me since I was current it had not affected my credit even after I showed them my credit report stating I was put in the MHA program and only able to make 1/2 of my payment. (beware of this program it will really mess up your credit and you still owe all the money) as far as I can see it only helps the banks. She no longer works for the bank and all my messages just went to her voice mail until it was full. When I tried to call her they acted like they never heard of her and she did not work there. Now another rude person who knows nothing about my 8 months of *** as she started with my case in May. She continued to tell me my credit was fine and all I received from BofA were form letters showing each month they sent some type of corrections to:

Equifax, Experian, Innovis Data Solutions, and Trans Union Credit.

I asked the latest and greatest rude person from BofA what they were going to do for me. She offered me a gift card to target for the hours I had put in (which was way over 200 hours.) But she boldly stated no more house payments would be made. My payments are low as I had to take my escrow away from them as I found them way over charging me and oopps there were more glitches in the systems stating they had mailed me escrow checks that I never received. Now I pay my own taxes and my own insurance. Needless to say I don't trust BofA at all.

Since I still had no resolution to my original complaint I contacted the OCC again (they are an organization like the Better Business Bureau for Banks) and they asked me to fax in an addendum. Which I did and now I have faxed and mailed in two more addendum complaints.

Lo' and behold as soon as I sent in another complaint this employee made another house payment which is a small amount in comparison to hours I worked. She never called me and told me. She does not return my calls. When I fax her document I have to refax them. Wow I did received a FED EX with another wonderful form letter stating I had been DECLINED for the Making Home Affordable Program after 10 months of ***. I wonder what detrement that has caused my never blemished credit.

I should of sued them and been done with them. I tried to contact Clark Howard but the rep just told me there were so many complaints for the MHA program just to contact the OCC. I tried to call the news station with no help.

I wished we could stop mortgage companies from selling our loans to these high powered Banks. Why do we have to use these banks? Since we are paying the payment why can't we pick the bank. Why does a refinance cost so much money. I am thinking about just walking away from my home and just renting. Your thoughs and advice on a Short Sale. At this point I just want the heck away from Bank of America.

Sorry this was so long. I just saw an advertisement for the Making Home Affordable Program on Yahoo and wanted to warn everyone to beware of this program.

If you have decent credit there is no help for those of us who truly need the help.


I'm going thru same thing I was in trial period then got letter of intent to foreclose. Then letter mha declined.

I kept calling told all info in underwriting approved. Then saying I paid trial payment and it won't apply to full payment until the regular monthly payment has been received. This leaves me according to them in default. I did everything they told me I appealed and now again in review for mha.

Nov 17 I was told notice of intend to foreclose will go out. They never give last names when you ask. I like to follow up. I just want help and not lose our home.

they transfer me to different dept and give me several numbers hat all lead to orignal department I first spoke to. I don't know what to do. I call and call I'm going to try bofa branch. They say in hone the branch won't help me.

But I want to speak to someone in person and present my info. Thanks for all your posts.

I don't feel so alone now. Good luck everyone.


I'm going thru same thing I was in trial period then got letter of intent to foreclose. Then letter mha declined.

I kept calling told all info in underwriting approved. Then saying I paid trial payment and it won't apply to full payment until the regular monthly payment has been received. This leaves me according to them in default. I did everything they told me I appealed and now again in review for mha.

Nov 17 I was told notice of intend to foreclose will go out. They never give last names when you ask. I like to follow up. I just want help and not lose our home.

they transfer me to different dept and give me several numbers hat all lead to orignal department I first spoke to. I don't know what to do. I call and call I'm going to try bofa branch. They say in hone the branch won't help me.

But I want to speak to someone in person and present my info. Thanks for all your posts.

I don't feel so alone now. Good luck everyone.


We have been awaiting an underwriting decision since June 2010. We received our initial MHA package, completed it, were told package was complete.

We have engaged the OBAMA Hopeline to mediate. We are inbetween underwriting and being declined (whatever that means). We check the MHA Status through B of A weekly. We call at 4pm 10/14/2010 and were told we were in underwriting and file is complete.

We call tonight, and were told that at 6pm on 10/14/2010 a "request for additional documentation" was NOTED on the account with a 72 turn around time.

We missed the updated note by two hours...and are now in the process of being declined for MHA because of B of A's unreasonable and illogical behavior. Has anyone been in this predicament?


After making 13 trial payments and having received a Fedex letter from Making Home Affordable stating all docs were received and to look for the Permanent Mod Package to arrive shortly at which time I should sign it and return it prior to the due date I was contacted by a so called "negotiator" who said she was able to get me approved with what she called "a better deal". The better deal equated to 65 percent of my total gross income as opposed to the 31 percent under the Hardship guidelines of MHA.

I asked how this could be a "better deal" and she said because it was a low interest rate. I told her the interest rate is irrelevant if the payments are unaffordable and she said that basically I could decline it and of course that was a way of telling the govt that I was offered a permanent mod but I declined it not telling them that they offered me an unaffordable mod. I complained to Barbara DeSoer and got a call back from someone with only a first name (It seems no one at BofA has a last name)stating I should be happy to have such a good offer. I explained that now my income is 75 percent less than when I was making my original pmt for 17 years and I was on a hardship.

All attitudes were "take it or leave it" and not one person would confirm that the Fedex Letter of Approval from MHA existed and never notified me that I would not be getting the Hardship MHA mod as required by the procedures required under that scenario. Additionally, the HOA fees were supposed to have been paid and now I owe 3000 dollars in fees plus I owe 25 thousand dollars more than before. In the months since I received the Fedex I spoke to 5 different people from BofA and not one time was I told anything other than under review or "perhaps your dog ate the package".

So now they have me in a position where I had a mod but it is unaffordable and I believe that is by design to look good on paper but get your home in the near future. I want what I was told in the MHA letter and never told otherwise.


I was qualified over the phone for a loan modification in March 2010 which was also my first payment. The paperwork from BofA states my trial starts in May and runs through July.

I had just made my 7th payment before I recieved a letter from the BofA STATUS division saying I was disqualified becuase I had missed a/all payments. The BofA HOME RETENTION DIVISION assured me that my modification was still in the review process and showed no record of a missing payment or a late one. Today I recieved a letter from the HOME RETENTION DIVISION stating I was disqualified because of late/missing payments. I printed out all the checks BofA cashed for my trial payments and they were all done on time.

TALK ABOUT FRAUD. They said every single one of my payments were late, they were all recieved after the 30th of each month. Every check I have a copy of shows dates before the 30th. If there records were even accurate you would figure they would have contacted me after the first late payment and disqualified me......no, they take 7 months of my hard earned money (4 months passed the 3 month trial) and then tell me I was making them late.

UNETHICAL. And then they have the nerve to tell me I am disqualified becuase I have broken the contract rules? LIARS. I have gotten nothing but the runaround.

Transfered to wrong departments, dropped phone calls. Put on hold then hung up on. After 20mins on hold transfered back to the computer. I have 12 different phone numbers but they don't work because once you put in your account the computer automatically tranfers you to a certain department.

I have had enough. I am taking my contract, my proof of payments and going to a lawyer. This is absurd treatment. BofA thinks they can take my money, then tell me I don't qualify for a modification program funded by my very own tax money.

If they don't want to give it to me.

I will find someone to force them. :(


The real sad part is that people are so far behind in their payments that a modification won’t help them. They are under the impression that the modification will relieve the loan, when at best, all it can do is lower their payments.

They will still be upside-down. They will never breakeven when they sell the place.

When people are too far behind they are being fast-tracked to foreclosure while at the same time they are being considered for MHA. If they fall out of the program –BOOM: foreclosure! Most people do get the MHA modification, you just have to stay on the company and call for updates –EVERY WEEK!

Ask for a status, ask who the underwriter is and if there isn’t any new news ask for an escalation! Make copies of everything you send to them.

Take notes, write down names and for God’s sake: when you send in the completed modification paperwork write down the Fed Ex tracking number!!!

Don't wait for the offer before you make a payment, you will only get behind and if/when you get kicked out of the program you will never get caught up! It's not easy and it can be messy!


I am currently experiencing the same treatment going back to Feb 2010. Why is congress not getting involved more than just a call.

This appears to be a scam.

What should my next step be? They say I am declined the MHA even though I was told that my underwriting was successful.


I am in the same situation as suzieq. I sent back my paperwork April 28 and had been assigned an underwriter as of May 20 and he finally called me back August 4 and I was out of town until August 11.

Since hearing his messages I called back immediately and havent been able to reach him since. He never left a message stating the reason for his phone call only saying


I'd be curious to see what the satisfaction rate is to date. These are terrible stories, but you have to remember BofA was under a huge transition of taking over countrywide at the time the MHA program rolled out.

All banking systems were completely ill-prepared for a brand new product and such a huge quick volume. Now they make every effort to close within 60-90 days.


Most people I know (including myself) are going for these mods because of loss of income, I don't know one person who is doing this based on the equity in their home. I have been paying my mortgage and my husband had a stroke Jan-09 I started the mod so we wouldn't fall behind and be able to keep the house we have been in for 20yrs.

Started the paperwork April of 09 it is now Aug-2010 and they are still asking for paperwork. All we are asking is for someone of knowledge who can tell us where we are in the mod. But no one knows anything, I pay my trial payments on time, but they have me in default because I am not paying the full amount, but I am always on time. So you tell me if you were in our shoes what you would do?

I am tired of being jerked around, and people who don't know what it is like to live on a fixed income 15yrs before you were planning on. Just my two cents :?


Bank of America sent our paper work june of 2009, filled it out sent it back with first payment. We did not here anything until March of 2009 when I called them to find out why our outstanding balance kept going up.

They told me we had been lost in the system. We were making all our payments. We did not here back from them till July 2010 when we got a offer for a loan modification and wanted us to pay 2500. within 6 days, no way we could.

Then we called them and were told we were not acceped for the MHA due to payments not been made. Called Customer Service and they said payments were there and would send appeal. Well turned down again with no notification.

They had all payments but distribitued them all on 7-26-10 as the whole payment not the one we were told to pay. Now we are losing our home because they did not credit the payments right.


I have made 13 Trial Pmts under the govt program MHA. April 1, 2010 I received a Fedex letter from MHA Home Retention thanking me for all fulfulling all requests for docs, etc and to look for my Perm mod shortly.

It never came. Finally I went to my Congressman and did get a reply from BofA which consisted of a phone fall telling me I was approved for Permanent Mod. It was not MHA but in house with a new payment of 68 percent of my gross income instead of the 31% I had been making under the MHA guidelines. I contacted the President and CEO office only to tell me I am lucky to get a lower payment than my regular payments and I told them my hardsip is partially based on the fact that when I was making the regular pmts I was also making a good living and now I am not so that is one of the reasons for my Hardship request.

Basically, what they want is for me to decline and they can report that they made a Permanent Mod offer and I declined or give me a payment I can't afford and foreclose in 3 months. Either way they get what they want and can tell Mr. Obama how they tried to help me. They told me because I wasn't with Fannie or Freddie I didn't qualify.

Why was I never told this and why did I get that Fedex. Their attitude was very cold and calculating.