North Branford, Connecticut

For 10 months BAC lied to me. I was told by the underwriter that I was approved 8 months ago after sending ALL documents and filing a complaint with the OCC through my congresswoman.

BAC lied to me and no one knew what was going on for months when I called. Two days ago, I was told that I did not qualify.

I have MS and DO qualify after reading everything. BAC is trying to blow people off and lie.

They do not realize that I have an IQ of over 140 and friends in the media. They will be held accountable.

Eric Holland

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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BAC lied, lied, lied!!!!! I still have the bogus phone number they gave me.

It is 877-643-2798. Wrote the President about the *** we had gone through with BAC since October of 2009, but still no word from anyone about our approved MHA that we were suppossedly approved for in October of 2009!


What a joke--they told me I qualify for 9 months then I get a letter saying I dont---because they sold my loan to a private investor that doesnt participate--something is wrong here--

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