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I've had an account for several years, sometime this summer they made changes to the military banking, without telling me. I founf out after i tried to make a deposit at one of their ATM machines, I discovered that military accounts can now only do withdrawals.

I was pissed, I went inside two days later they said I didn't have an account with BOA, they were rude, and charged me a fee. I couldn't call them on the weekend, even though the consumer account members can. How is that helpful to military? The thing that set me off was a comment "its not an issue for most of our customers, if you were deployed you wouldn't need an ATM"???!!

Really?? I just wanted an appology switching to a new account at a new bank was a hassle but I'm so glad I did it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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My husband and I have had a BOA military account for at least twenty years. This summer when they dissolved the military portion of their bank the service went down to the point that I not longer want to have anything to do with them.

I have been wiring money to my husband in Korea so that he can pay his rent. With our military account it took only a moment and was free. This is the second month that it has been a huge issue. There is always some three or four day process that is a huge inconvenience and will make the rent late.

Last month it was because I was in Korea visiting him and the bank said that I couldn't do it from overseas. This month it is because his account has to be "verified" and that takes at least three days. It is a bank that BOA owns and runs and it has to be verified?

Ridiculous. I'm taking my money elsewhere to a bank that appreciates it's military customers.


I'm closing my account! They are NOT military friendly!

You can only make check deposits from your phone.

What happens when you get stationed where there isn't a boa. Your screwed!!!!


I had an account with BoA for 17 years and I just found out they let a computer program shut down my account. Yep, a computer program saw I had no activity on the account for 2 months and just closed the account. No warning, no attempt by them to make contact with me, no PERSON actually did a review.

I am always treated like garbage when I go to a local branch. It's like I am a red-headed step child with the plague. There are always problems and I am usually turned away without being helped.

For those who still have a military account...let it be known that BoA is SHUTTING DOWN the military banking center. You may have noticed you cannot deposit at the ATM. That is because their new software does not allow it for military account holders. I never got a notification of this reduction of service or that military banking will be dissolved.

Shame on you BoA! Get you money out before they complete implode on themselves and you are left to pick up the pieces.

:( I am retired military. You have to understand BofA is like many many large businesses that feed off of the military with their direct deposits like a pack of rats.
I recently moved and set up my PG&E account online, so I could pay PG&E as I am elderly and disabled. When I went to pay my PG&E account they informed me that PG&E no longer accepts Bank of America Debit or Credit cards.

I called B of A and asked why PG&E would not accept my card & was told they knew nothing about it. The individual put me on hold and after a short wait returned to tell me her supervisor advised her that it was true. PG&E does not accept payment from a B of A card. When I asked why B of A said they didn't know. I have to wonder if PG&E know something we don't know. I've heard roomers, now I’m starting to believe them. After being a B of A customer for over 40 years I think it’s time to GET OUT & I AM!

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