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Explained to boa that we filed bankruptcy and we had not paid on the second loan to them. We had switched from a chapter 13 to a chapter 7 during the process. The chapter 13 was never finalized due to switching to a chapter 7. During the chapter 13 we were told to pay the court and not the bank on our second loan. Our lawyer then realized that we should file a chapter 7 bankruptcy so we switched. This caused us to fall behind on the second. When our bankruptcy was done we were wondering about missed payments and where we go from there. Was told modification was the best thing. We are now 22 months behind.Told rep in Aug our property address and billing address should be the same ####### Michigan. NOT ####### Michigan. This is due to being rezoned for 911 purposes. ########does not exist anymore we did not move the house we live in the house we are not renting the house the house adresss is ####### Michigan. The property address and billing address should be the SAME. BOA cannot figure this out and a year into monthly and weekly phone calls we still get asked why we have two addresses. We also submitted a letter about the rezoning. Every time we call we give our address and get told no we do not want the billing address but the property address. It is the same!We have had 4 reps that have not been properly trained in what they need to know. They are unclear how to handle our case. They have failed to submit our numerous attempts at submitting our paperwork. I have been told that boa has different systems and some paperwork was showing up on only certain systems. Our reps are only clear on two things….My name is REP and my hours are from this time to this time.We have made numerous calls over a 12 month span and spent hours on the phone with reps that have an attitude or constantly change their story. They fail to put it into their system what they have told us so the message can be relayed to the next rep. They say they have no record of what we were told before so we are just going to have to begin again. Every time all paperwork has been submitted and sent to the underwriter we seem to get a new rep. This has happened four times now. We keep in contact with bank of America and keep getting told by our rep that our paperwork is with the underwriter. Then all of a sudden we need more paperwork or paperwork was not submitted or expired and we have a new rep. I say this seems like a coinsidenc but am told no.In the beginning of this process we sent in everything on the list boa asked us to provide. Over many months we are told that the underwriter can ask for more things and new things. We ask why this is when we have provided everything and our rep has reviewed everything and it looks great but the underwriter still needs more? The reps respond with saying the underwriter can always ask for more documents or newer documents and the reps have no way of knowing what will really be needed. The reps at boa are unsure how long our documents are good for. Some reps say 60 days other say 90. We have been told our paperwork has expired before the 60 day mark even arrives!

Summary of our 12 month ordeal!!!!!!Aug-sep 2011- unable to make a payment on 2nd loan…told system would not allow it…rep had never seen a case like ours. He said we could not make a payment on the 2nd because we were going through the modification process. Rep would check into some things and get back with us. He failed to get back with us. We had to contact him. Started the modification process. We tried for 3 months to pay on the second and were told missed payments would be added on after the modification was complete so there was no need to pay on the second. Sent in all paperwork on the list they provided in the packet that was sent out. Paper work would be going to the underwriter and we should hear back soon.Oct- Dec - Received a new rep. number 2 still unable to make a payment sent in documents multiple times ….was told it was going to the underwriter. -Told in Dec we would no longer have to submit documents after submitting due to a new law that the government passed. This would be the last time we would have to resubmit paperwork. Was told everything was looking good in paperwork and it would be sent to the underwriter. Should know by the 1st of the year!!!Was also told this would be reviewed under multiple loan options to see what would best fit our loan.Jan-April 2012-We received a new rep number 3. She said we should have been paying and that what we were told by the last reps was wrong. Last rep did not put in his computer anything he had told us. Resubmitted paperwork multiple times. Told they had not received them then told it was submitted and the underwriter needed more info….we called and found this out…was told the system was not telling our rep to call us until 20 days later?????Lucky we called. Resubmitted paper work over and over….rep out of office…left multiple messages…even with her manager and her manager…talked with the manager 2 times…was told rep would take care of us….Had multiple people stop and take pictures of our house…..was told this was to make sure we were still living at our home…called rep and told them we are still making payments and trying to fix our loan and we have no plans to move and would appreciate it if these people would stop taking pictures of our house due to the fact that I do daycare and children have been outside while pictures have been taken by your company….was told there was nothing they could do about it. Was told we should have been making payment all along on the second loan. New things we had to submit….hardship letter….rezoning letter about why our addresses don't match which we have tried multiple times to change with boa…actual tax documents….rep had to be explained to multiple times that we sent in the federal tax documents…she keep saying they were only Michigan documents….We told her she needed to look at them the top read federal….husbands paystubs…rep said they would not work…we told her this is what the employer gave us she said it did not say the work place ….it did…she did not look at it…wife's paystubs…profit and loss was not acceptable…same profit and loss submitted for bankruptcy court in which the government accepted….. Daycare was not good enough for a business name. Needed a name.June-Aug. 2012told to submit more paperwork again….Rep claimed they had not received it or only received one page. Paper was sent from 2 different businesses with confirmation. Husband argued and said he had confirmation and even rechecked the phone number. Rep still said her system was not getting it. Finally she said she got the paperwork. Paperwork was always faxed to the same number only half the time would the rep get it. Paperwork with the underwriter again for the 4th time. Called bank of America in Michigan and was told they could not help us out we would have to deal with our reps. Asked boa if we could have a rep come to Michigan to work this out and was told NO.Was told by a lawyer that it would be in our best interest to start to record our conversations. Was told by boa rep that they would not speak with us if we did this!!! Aug- Spoke with rep still no answer. Was told they r not even looking at our 2nd loan. That would come later. Filed a complaint with the Gov. Received a call on Aug. 15 boa is checking into our complaint. -submitted complaint to federal consumer protectionPerson who is checking into complaint Dewana Baltimore our 4th rep 877-471-4367 ext. 254527 fax 877-369-2406 says she will get back to us on august 21 at 11am. She seems like she is going to get some answers.Did not return call at the appointment time I had to call her. She had an attitude just like all the reps before her and told me I NEEDED to realize things come up and she had a meeting. I told her she said she would call me if something came up before the appointment time to reschedule a time with me. She was not so nice this time.Aug-21 Dewana calls back- was told paperwork has expired need to resubmit. I ask why is it every time it goes to the underwriter it expires and we get a new rep….was told there is nothing they can do resubmit everything again Was no satisfied with that answers so I spent an hour on the phone…transferred multiple times told we didn't have a rep then we did then I was in the wrong department. All I wanted was a manager and was told I could not speak with one. Finally I got Kerry Gilbert….. Dewanas supervisor. Was told the last time paperwork was submitted into the system was Dec 2011. I told her we had fax confirmations 8-10 in the months of June and July. She wanted to know where I sent them and I told her Dina Brown our rep from Bank of America. She said there was not a Dina Brown. I said really bank of America has sent us letters with her name on them that we have saved. This is when she said she would investigate. But regardless we would have to resubmit again. Because our paperwork was most likely expired. I told her we should not have to resubmit due to the fact that Dina Brown had told us it was in her system and she was able to read back our documents that we sent her. Was told she would investigate but Dina did not submit them into the main database. I told them they were failing to comply with the government. Still need to resubmit paperwork again. This is the same story we hear each time. -Kerry Gilbert also says that before calling her we should of called our rep.Dewanan Baltimore. We should not be calling her unless we spoke with Dewana.-Kerry Gilbert also said her computer was told that on Aug. 17 our modification was denied due to not having current paperwork. The week before our rep said she had submitted everything a couple of weeks ago and she was still waiting on the underwriter. Never received the promised call from our rep. Had just spoke with rep on the 15. If our rep did her job nothing should have expired due to the fact that they had current paystubs and bank accounts and everything else and it had not even been 30 days since we submitted them. I asked how often does paperwork expire and was told after 60 days. Our customer rep failed to do her job! Told boa that we are in contact with a lawyer and they said if we speak with a lawyer they would no longer be able to speak with us.

Aug 22 "" Called Kerry Gilbert again at first she says she talked with Dina Brown and Dina Brown does not have our files on her computer. Then she changes her story and says she still needs to investigate. She says the latest documents that she can see on her computer are from December 2011. She said Dina never submitted anything into the main system and all we can do is resubmit our paperwork AGAIN! I told her I had saved fax confirmations and she said that was fine but I would still need to resubmit due to everything would be expired regardless. Asked bank to tell us who holds our note. They said Fannie mae on the first and in order to see who holds the second we would have to put it in writing and they would see what they could do.- I ask to speak with someone higher than Kerry and was told that I could not. I have asked this to each rep and manager of my reps and they will not let me speak with anyone higher! She says she has done all she can do and further communications would be done by mail. Resubmit paperwork if we want help.

Aug 27 called boa about our forgiveness letter- we would receive the official document within 90 daysAug-29 received a call from boa person hung up without speaking left no message…called boa back they could not figure out who called us. Aug 30- I called the number on our latest document that I received today….SHORT SALE! This department does not know why we were sent this. They said the system says we are in the process of a modification. Their computer does not show any warnings or foreclosure warnings. They think things are messed up in the system due to my address which we have tried to fix and explain to multiple reps. I asked if they could tell me if they could see all my documents that I have sent in and they responded yes. They named off documents that were received in May June and July. They apologized but could not help me because I was in the wrong department. I was transferred to Kerry Gilberts after 1:08 VOICEMAIL. -Called senators office and faxed everything we received this week along with a summary of what had been going on. THEY received the fax immedialty. -Rick Jones office is now forwarding it to Justin Amashes office.-Aug 30- received another packet today about short sale and more documents to fill out- Aug-30 called and made first home payment. Tried to change our address again and now they want us to get in contact with 911 and prove our address change and send it in.-Aug 30 received confirmation that consumer reserve consumer help is forwarding our correspondence to boa-Aug 30 received a letter that bank of America received our inquiry from rick jones office. They have opened a service request on our behalf. A new rep has been designated number 5! New reps name is Lisa Tyrus 1-877-471-4367 extension 254527. She is our first rep to give us an extension number. The letter states that she will be contacting us and they may request for us to resubmit our PAPERWORK!-Sept4 dewana Baltimore called- she hung up me because I told her I was not going to resubmit paperwork until I speak with someone higher up in regards to lost paperwork. I asked her about our new rep and she has no records. The new reps number connected me to Dewana. She wants us to send her boa paperwork that they sent us back to her…our approval letter from boa . I said I would not fax information her bank sent me back to her. She says she has no records of our approval. She has not heard of Lisa Tyrus! -Sept 4- called number on new letter for Lisa tyrus it connects me with dewana Baltimore. Dewana did not answer. Left message-sept4- Called Kelly Thompson boa customer advocates left message18774714367 ext034599- she called back and wanted to know how I got her number!!!!! I told her online. She says that is not how it works she has to be assigned to my case and I needed to speak with my rep. I told her my rep hung up on me. She said I needed to speak with her manager. I said her manager hung up on me. I asked how could I speak with someone higher and all she can say is to call my rep! The one in which refuses to transfer me to someone higher and hangs up.

CALLED OFFICE OF CEO-7043865687- CONNECTED TO VICTORIA- she reviewed documents…..disconnected on boa end. Called back cannot reconnect me new persons number 8886882286 ext2782- customer relations team told me paperwork expires every 90 days.I responded by saying I was told 60 then rep became unsure. Was told our case is in escalation due to contacting government Should have a response by sept 6 if not 15 days later. Should not be a customer relationship person but someone higher up.Sept 11- filed a complaint with comptroller at Michigan .govSept 11- called Carol Dwyder attorney office in hastings senator officed refered us. They cannot help!Sept 12- spoke with senators office and we need to fill out a release form for them. Senator office spoke with Lisa Tyrus and she does exsit!!!!!! Sept 13-spoke with senators office she received our fax to release information to her office. She also spoke with boa today and was not impressed. Boa told her she was speaking with Lisa tyrus and senators office said it was clearly not the Lisa tyrus from yesterday. Boa lied to her !Sept 13- wrote the white house an emailSept 13- Wrote the office of public engagement an email Sept 13- received another letter from boa in regards to our mortgage concernsSept 14-18886882286 ext 3760 is Lisa tyrus actual number that she gave me today. She does exist. She ran me in circles once again as has everyone else. Submit more paperwork! She said everytime it goes to be reviewed new paperwork needs to be submitted. They cannot send the same paperwork to every review even if it is not outdated due to them needing original copies. The copies I faxed are not originals but COPIES???????? . This is why we have to keep sending in more paperwork they are unable to press copy on the printing machine. I asked why they could not send in the same paperwork to multiple reviews and was told they could not do this they needed originals. Once again I am told an example of some of the paperwork that has expired would be my electric bill dated in april….I told lisa no I also sent one in in June with all my other paperwork . I asked how many times my paperwork has been sent to different reviews or the underwriter and was told I would have to ask my rep. I told Lisa my rep could not answer this question either!!! Lisa said she should. Once again the blame game is in effect. Bank of America likes to run in circles. I asked if my second mortgage was in deed dismissed and was congradulated on the fact that it was. I asked when would this take affect and was told within 90 days. I asked if I could now refiance within the bank instead of with the government program and was told she was unsure but I should call 8007989488 which is the refinance department. This department told me to refianance within the bank I would have to pay down my mortgage to 95% of what the house was worth or do the government program which we are getting nowhere with. We owe around 204,000 our house is worth around 180,000. We don't have around 30,000 to pay down our house!!!!!!!!!This process is a complete joke!! Boa is stringing us along making our paperwork expire and causing more stress than needed. We have done what boa has asked for a year with no resolution. More paperwork is not the solution but the problem. Boa needs to train their staff how to solve the problem not keep it going. I have been told by Lisa Tyrus who stumbles over her words that I needed to read into the process more….well I have and there is no reason if boa has done their job the right way that this should have taken so long! I have also been told even if I get approved that I could be on trial payments for a year…….something needs to be done about this whole process.

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Springfield, Missouri, United States #712180

i have similar issues with boa. they even went so far as to use someone elses w2 tax and wage statement to process my modification application because it shows only $7,000 as a yearly income AND sent me the w2!

i also have contacted multiple government branches to no avail. the lady at the irs said 'oh thats highly illegal, you hang on to this!" and gave me BACK the w2 with the ss number of a 23 year old recent college grad on it. they have given me conflicting copies of what is supposedly my note.

they try to run you in circles until you decide giving up is easier. dont give up!


Try US Dept of Treasury, online consumer complaint. Maybe "expidite things more" Like the detailed notes you took.

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