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I feel obligated to share my horrible experience with Bank of America while I was in the process of refinancing my primary home. I have had my mortgage loan with Bank of America for over five years and decided that I would benefit from refinancing, given the low interest rates.

To my surprise, I had the worst loan processor, who would not respond to my phone calls and voice message. I submitted tons of documents only for her to email me back requests for more documents. In the meantime, I would have to wait to hear from this woman for about two weeks. Time passed and the two months that I had the interest locked for ended- she had the audacity to send me an updated good faith estimate with thousands of additional charges because she claimed I did not submit the documents timely. I communicated my greater dissatisfaction to her boss and to my surprise she did not bother to even answer my messages. I have to give credit where it is deserved; the loan officer was great- professional, responsive and great overall customer service.

I am very disappointed about Bank of America and I will work very diligently to refinance with a different bank. Bad experience! One apple can definitely ruin the rest.

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Is there somewhere to go to complain about these banking practices? Does anyone over see bank refinances?


They flat out lied to us and then bait and switched. Told us since it was a refi and current mortgage was with them and because we were military and had a ton of equity that we wouldn't even need to provide any income documentation.

They said we'd close in less than 2 months. We paid the fee and then they switched and asked for ridiculous amounts of documentation like a letter stating why I had a different address 10 years ago. When I reminded them it was supposed to be a no documentation needed refi they said that was a mistake. I requested my application be withdrawn multiple times and they said they'd send me a confirmation letter.

Instead they sent us a letter denying our mortgage application because we failed to provide documentation. Now I'm scared that will effect our credit.


The exact same thing happened to us; I too had my original loan woth BofA and thought that refinancing was going to be extremely straight forward, not the case. The loan officer, Judy Torres, was EXTREMELY incompetent and the processor of last name Jaramillo was even worse.

On one of the many trips that I made to their office and they told me that it would take another three weeks to finalize the process, I decided to go to Wells Fargo, within four weeks, I had everything approved and my loan refinanced. Two weeks later, I got a letter from BofA saying that my request had not been approved because I did not provide the information required, mind you, they already had the loan!


Someone please tell me;

Who oversees these Re-Finance operations?

Who can we file a complaint with?


We need to report this crooked behavior... or sue them as suggested.

These people are loan sharks.

I have similar experiences.. they flat out lied to me telling me a Re-Finance would not render me ineligble for a home loan modification (which it did) that would save me around $500/month and closing costs!


Attempted to get hamp . i was turned down for failure to send in documentation that was or was not requested.

Since i have a letter stating that i had sent in all requested documentation this meant i was turned down for not producing documentation that was never requested Also my application was given a second look and they could not suggest anything for me, except that i consider short sale or deed in lieu :? Since i had considerable equity and not even remotely close to being underwater i had to assume that no human being ever even looked at my application. This all took over a year to transpire. Shortly after this strange experience

i received a letter from their regular mortgage dept stating that i was pre-approved for a standard refi which i did.

Refinanced from a 15 year(7 1/2 years into it)to a 30 year. my payments went from $1250 to $579, same interest rate simple, took less than a month however cost $4800 in closing costs.

See how fast BOA can process a loan when they can collect these excessive fees? another frustrated american


Was your guys name Russ at BOA? Thats the person that messed us over there and now I am losing my house becuase of it.

Its all ascam at BOA. We all need to sue them.