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I've been in my home over 15 years I tried to get a loan modification through Bank of America on my mortgage I wasn't successful so I stayed in my home after saying I had days to leave so after that I tried with the Hamp program through Obama administration making homes affordable and the reason why I tried to get a modification through the Hamp program that's because I couldn't afford the payments anymore so instead of they're making my house more affordable the payments or higher so therefore I never could get a modification making a along story short after that Bank of America switch me to a collection agency call Rush loans that I really wasn't aware of I got it in the mail they turn my mortgage over to a collection company and I tried several places to get a mortgage modification and it did not work so the collection agency offered a higher mortgage then usual I couldn't do that because I couldn't afford it so he offered me a 40 year loan on a house that's only worth about a100,000 I owed $275,000 house so in the end i felt i was offered a 2000 cash for keys and that was my last offer or thats it ,me and my family of five had to leave and now the house us just setting there I think that that was pretty much unfair treatment disregard it the Hamp program making homes affordable just to put somebody out and have the house is now just sitting there I know somebody's going to buy it eventually but I could not get a good program to help me pay for the house after being there for 15 years is there any programs out there that can help me please get my house back or will compensate me for just getting put out of my home I just really think it was unfair and especially the bad reputation that Bank of America has already about the employees getting paid $500 just to put someone in foreclosure how can I get a part of that program to justify why they wouldn't accept my income that's what I want Make It Home Affordable through the so-called Obama program

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I'm going threw the same BS, With bank America , They transfered my loan to Rushmore ,there reviews our enough to make a person just shoot me kill me .