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OUR GREEN PAPER DRAGONS On the day of February 18 2016, our home of 10 years caught on fire in the middle of the night. I thought the worst part was over that night.

Not after a few days, did I start noticing that nothing about the situation was going to be easy. Not after staying up all night that night and still showing up next day to work in fear of losing my job right after losing my only home. Here I would like to show is the one and only policy coverage information letter ever sent to me by the Narragansett Bay insurance company and their representatives to explain to me all of what my coverage was on the actual date of loss. Where they sent me a one page policy letter.

Yet, I am sure the Narragansett Bay insurance company and their representatives proclaim that coverage was fully and explicitly communicated to me after the loss on 2/18/2016 and obviously, never offered us any cash advances that could alleviate the new financial burden placed on us in the middle of a very cold winter. They show the date of loss on 2/18/2016 but the first advance received from the insurance company or their representatives for $10,000 wasn't until three months later in May, leaving me in an unquestionably certain position of financial hardship from the very first day we became homebound with no socks, clothes or shoes for the five of us to keep going to work or school. There was a pool of water in the basement therefore there was water flooding the entire room 3 ft high that was never mentioned in the insurance company's investigation but surely, the company had no problem pointing at my negligence as the major factor that contributed to the house fire. I subsequently refused to use SERVE-PRO which was recommended by the Macdonalds.

After work, a man from a company called clean care came by on 2/19/2016 and had Chris Librizzi, the insurance company's representative on phone saying he would clean up and board the house up, but when I spoke to Chris Librizzi he told me if I wanted to, I could do the clean up and boarding the windows myself and he would pay me for taking care of that. Then nothing, the boarding up and cleaning was done, I received the phone call letting me know, I was to blame for the fire and after a few words back and forth, that was it. Since the insurance company and their representatives had no problem relating to me that it was definitely my fault the fire started. It became easier for them to negate the fact that, we had no money to eat any meals or buy clothes 10 miles from house in The town of Smithfield RI.

I did sign the emergency housing contract on the 20th of February 2016 against the insurance company's blessings, but it took the camper company a week to get plumbing and electricity fully operating in the camper. The old well pump was shot so I paid the $300 for it and installed the new well pump in order to move in. we may very well have moved in between the 27 the 28th of February 2016. By the way the folks from Insurance Company's showed up once a month to look at the damages, I even tried to call Mr Tim McDonald another insurance company representative on March 15th 2016 and he was on vacation for two weeks.

You would think that the representatives of Narragansett Bay insurance company would all notice that the Foyer/Laundry room, has a lot more then one window as specified in Mr Martin's appraisal my adjuster but deleted in the Macdonald's appraisal showing the insurance company's eagerness to dismiss many parts of my claim, leaving me absolutely unable to cover the cost of moving back into my house within a reasonable time. At this time I had to withdraw part of my annuity funds to cover the first of many days displaced. The reason why no work has been done to the house itself is because the first three months were dragged out, right from the onset by the insurance claim adjusters who really did not appreciate me hiring a personal lawyer insurance adjuster and showed it the very day I gave Mr Tim Macdonald the receipt for the additional living expenses I then thought they owed me. They sent me a check for $350 when I spent more than five times that and have all the receipts for our purchases and meals for five people for at least 5 to 7 days after moving into a hotel.

I signed a contract with Guaranteed Builders and developers inc. to rebuild the house on 6/27/2016. After two months working with the builder and their representatives, I received a call from Tracy Sharky at GBI telling me the Narragansett Bay insurance company they were absolutely not going to give us another penny towards the rebuilding of the house. So we decided to apply for a second mortgage to pay for the rest of the cost to rebuild the house, but I was unable to secure the fundings that would also pay for the new septic and all town mandated code upgrades.

On that day, after feeling helpless, I called an experienced insurance lawyer who told me to come into his office for further examination of my claim situation. I hired the law offices of Richard Palumbo LLC to help me with the ongoing dispute between the Narragansett Bay insurance company and I. It wasn't two weeks after I hired the lawyer that I sent Mr Tim Macdonald a new proposal for rebuilding the house but he was not too keen on any discussion with me. The coverage limit for the alternative living expenses including the $9,000 they owe Trisha Flagg and her husband Tom Flagg at emergency housing adds up to $30,000 that is half of my coverage limit of $60,000.

Why do they refuse to pay them for October and November which should be part of their six month construction dead line. That timeline was imposed on me in September even though nothing on the policy coverage letter they sent me several days after the fire, showing what Narragansett Bay insurance company covered on our agreed policy contract. The camper has been returned to the owners of the emergency housing company on the 27th of February 2017. But as of this day even though the Narragansett Bay insurance company has received the housing bill no payments has remitted.

As of this date today, the Narragansett Bay surance company blatantly refuses to tell me wether I had additional code upgrades coverage on my policy on the day of the fire. Therefore putting my family in a position of great financial hardship for the matter of installing a $28,000 septic which is mandated by the town and should be covered in our home owners policy as an extra special provision for code upgrades. They have been sent a letter from my attorney Roger Allcroft for demands on payments for the last four months in the camper and a letter from the building inspector requiring a new septic system be installed before the house can be occupied. I need the Narragansett Bay insurance company to fulfill their fiduciary duties and help my family get back into our house.

We are now living in the vicinity renting an apartment out our own means and will be rebuilding our house if it wasn't obvious enough to the Narragansett Bay insurance company and their representatives. The whole house needs framing, insulation and a new foundation because it was built in 1750 on flag stones and all the sill beams have rotted out completely disappeared but the Narragansett insurance company tells me that they can't help me because I am trying to get a new house. Do the Narragansett Bay insurance company insure house without ever planing on a claim being filed and just expect payments from homeowners. For ten years I've lived in that house spending every day making what it was but now that the foyer/laundry room inexplicably go from a 6 window room to a now one window cave should explain the stance this insurance company has taken towards this claim.

As of the first of March 2016 the office of Richard Palumbo law offices will not be my representatives in his claim with Narragansett Bay insurance company. The Narragansett Bay insurance company's representatives came the first day after the fire, investigating the damages. Three days after, I received a call from them stating that I was partly to blame for the initial fire l, siting negligence. The basement flooded and electrified the entire house.

So they appraised the damages at less then 50% of the policy coverage. They kept 10% of that too, and sent the mortgage holder Bank of America N A, until the damages were replaced. Some how l, the insurance co expected me to come up with the other 50% on my own by borrowing the money from Bank of America. But BankofAmerica denied me credit because of unpaid credit cards.

So now the contractors after already starting work while I was desperately trying to secure the funds by applying for an extra mortgage on top of the one I was already paying BankofAmerica. $1250 a month for another thirty years. I didn't have the credit to borrow double my mortgage. BankofAmerica received the sum of 70% of what I owed them, from Narragansett Bay insurance company as a settlement for the total loss.

BankofAmerica sent me 25% of that amount half under my name and the contractors who by then had a land survey and installed a new well. And the other half of the 25% sent under my name and the public adjuster who acted as my agent representing me to the insurance company. So I payed them both right there and then. But the contractors couldn't continue with their work because I was unable to borrow the rest of the money needed to rebuild the house including town mandated upgrades.

After the insurance company told my contractors they were giving me another cent besides what they already gave Bank of America, making the contractors Guaranteed builders inc in Douglas Mass walk away with the money they billed me for the work already completed. They said there was only enough money to build me a garage. Leaving me with no contractor, I called a Lawyer. In desperation I asked the lawyer to see if there was something he could do?

I paid the lawyers in $6000 in initial fees cash out of pocket. The lawyers made me sign a contract where they would take 40% of whatever money they can get from the insurance company. No problem. Six months after hiring the attorneys, the insurance company now refuses to pay for the camper the five of us are living in by now stating that it was in the policy.

The same policy that says they are liable for the cost incurred in the rebuilding of the total loss. The same policy that states there is another $100,000 limit on top of my regular policy for code upgrades mandated by the town for which the charged me more for as a special provision coverage. The lawyers finally settled with an extra 20% for the repairs of the property, for which they expect me to pay almost cash for almost half of that sum being equal to $14,000 out of pocket. I send the check my lawyers get to BankofAmerica stating the whole story in letter sent with the check after speaking to one of their claims agent who was very kind and made me feel like they understood everything and I was in good hands now.

So they make me schedule an appointment with one of their third party inspector in order to release more money. Even though Guaranteed builders inc only installed a well and surveyed the entire property after designing a new town mandated septic system to replace the old cesspool which was a town required upgrade. No work besides getting rid of the fire damage in the house and updating the bathroom. Nothing much more needed inspecting.

For the last six weeks, I've been in touch the the claims department at Bank of America and each time I speak to them, I like talking to someone with amnesia because it's a new person and they really start lying when you tell them how much they are mishandling this case. The bank inspector calls to make an appointment with me bug doesn't show up for three weeks I a row. Without ever rescheduling before hand. As they act like I am to blame for this guy not showing up fir six appointments he made with me.

So now apparently BankofAmerica is having trouble setting up my new contractor as if not obvious they are stalling the process. And using unfair practices to foreclosure on me while displaced after no fault mine. The insurance company's representatives want me to sign a release to liberate them from any other liabilities on this claim that is no where's being handled in a professional manner but borderline UNLAWFUL. I just want BankofAmerica to release the funds they are holding to my new contractor as soon as possible and stop delaying the rebuilding process while they are holding the deed of this house on top of the $125,000 left from the money that the insurance company settled with me to rebuild the house.

Rich Bank of America is holding me for $300,000 dollars while trying to force me into the street. Unfair practices is a feature of an international bank that has no responsibility to any their customers including their employees but to create the laws we have to be abused by but that only protects the bank and its affiliated cohorts the Insurance companies that always rob the consumers when they at they most desperate moment in life. By giving them the lowest amount of settlement money while always maximizing profits for their millionaires CEO's... If BankofAmerica wants to hold the money from the insurance proceeds that I paid $17,000 to a public appraiser for itemizing all the scope of loss property which I was I no position to have neither in cash or credit.

I paid the lawyer sent the money from the insurance company to the mortgage holder that is telling me they are not responsible for the work done by the contractor because it wasn't on the estimate list of the loss. So far it cost me $75,000 to get to where I am including lawyer fees which Bank of America contest as any of their responsibilities. Blindly following a list that is considerably flaws because if only pays for one out of every item that needed repairs. Another special provision on my insurance policy covers $50,000 for wood rot but the insurance company denies its inclusion on my policy.

Completely misrepresenting my home insurance policy coverage. With impunity blatantly lie and deny coverage while they say the are working with me. BankofAmerica has joined the insurance company in trying to evict off my property while holding more then half my mortgage note for a year now and not paying me interest. For six weeks now I've had to pay $40 to do laundry down the street because I am homeless.

Bank of America holding the dented deed of $171,000 and the $125,000 in cash showing how greedy they are instead of honoring they customers, but in contrary they push there most of their customers into homelessness while covering their assets.

To the detriment of esch consumer, they keep choosing profit over humanity. Creating a world if money hungry zombies willing to killing their mothers and children to satisfy their GREEN PAPER DRAGON...

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I'm sorry about the loss and damage to you home. That is an awful experience.

I'm also afraid that if you've handled things in the same rambling, incoherent manner with which you related the story that these organized gangs called insurance companies, banks, and contractors are going to eat you for breakfast. And steal your home.