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Bank of America mortgage company is the biggest joke I've ever dealt with in my entire life I am a veteran who has fell behind on making payments and I asked and inquired about getting some sort of assistance or deferred payment and apparently I don't make enough money for that is this a freaking joke isnt assistance for people that don't make enough money this is got to be some sort of sick freaking joke I'm so set up with Bank of America they won't accept my money now I keep trying for the last 3 months to make payments they won't accept it I asked her how much I how much do I need to pay they can't tell me how much I need to pay this is a joke right I hope this place goes bankrupt... y'all are just a bunch of useless *** who don't plan on helping anybody else out in this world I am so very upset that I just wish the worst upon you and your company I would never recommend a soul to bank with you to mortgage with you I don't even care about a credit card with you I wouldn't help you all out if you were on fire sincerely highly pissed customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #925213

I am truly surprised there arent more complaints like yours on here. I am sorry you got involved with BOA.

My story... I became disabled, and asked BOA to please provide me forbearance for 4 months until I received my settlement. They said I had to not pay them for 3 months before they could do anything. So I didnt pay my mortgage for 3 months like they said.

At which point, they sent me an intent to foreclose notice. I responded back reminding them I was getting a settlement soon, and could repay past payments in full, and of course all future payments. They said I would probably get my settlement before it went into forclosure, and not to worry. I got my settlement when I said I would, and wrote back stating I was ready to repay my past payments, so please send me a repayment statement of how much I owed with penalties and such.

They said they would. I waited a few weeks, with no response, so I wrote them again. They said I would receive the repayment notice in a few days. Instead of sending me a repayment invoice, they sent me a foreclosure notice!

I contacted them again and asked what the *** was going on? They again said they would send me the repayment schedule. After about another 2 weeks, they sent me the repayment schedule, but including over $10,000 in attorney's fees for filing the foreclosure. On top of that, they raised my mortgage payment over $100 per month.

I contacted an attorney for help, and he showed me a stack of papers over 3 feet high with complaints about BOA, with court dates stretching out over a year. He suggested I sell my property and get out from under BOA. I tried to sell it, tried to refinance it, but since it was in foreclosure, nobody wanted to touch it. I had never missed a payment, my credit was flawless, and they threw me out in the street.

I later found out BOA and Wells Fargo through thousands, yes thousands, of people such as myself out in the street. Why anyone would ever do business with either of these banks is beyond me?

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