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I have a mortgage with BOA, actually this is my third mortgage with BOA over my lifetime. I'm 54 years old have never been late on a payment nor missed a payment in my life.

Recently I was notified by mail that my account was in default due to non payment. I called BOA and a individual in India answered the phone. She spoke broken English and was rude and could not even find my account. I hung up and kept calling until I finally got an American on the phone, this took 12 attempts!

Once I explained the situation the clerk explained all I needed to do was to prove that my payments had been made and that should clear up the problem. My payments are made online by ETF so I contacted my Credit Union who faxed and mailed all the supporting documents I needed to clear up the problem. During this time I start receiving phone calls from BOA collections in India about my delinquent account. When they call they asked me for my social security number so they can discuss my account with me.

I refused to give my number so they hang up. This happened repeatedly over a two week period at work and home. Finally I get so angry I call BOA again to get the phone calls to stop and was told that it takes up to 90 days to process a fax or to correct my records and until the record is reconciled there was nothing they could do about the calls. I resorted to going to a local branch of BOA and dealt with a branch VP and she has been extremely helpful but like me has gotten basically no where.

In the last 30 days I have been given 4 different addressess to mail my payments to!! I have a meeting with the Regional Mgr next week to decide what I can do to get BOA to clear my credit report and restore what is left of my sanity!!!!

The sad part of all this is I'm selling my home and buying another and there is absolutely no way to prevent BOA from buying my mortgage. IT SUCKS!

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My loan just got transfered to BOA. Worst thing ever none of their representatives are helpful and everytime I call them I get a headache!


A mortgage is all I have with BOA. All other financing is done through my Credit Union. At the time I secured the mortgage the Credit Union did not handle mortgages.


While that is true, our local bank being the broker of the loan was more than happy to assist us when there were some minor issues. One call to them and they clear up the situation for us.

I have always had superior customer service in the many years we have done business with our local bank.

Bottom line is most people have other financial products than their mortgages in these large banks. (savings, checking, credit cards. etc) Move ALL your money to a local bank / credit union that has a good rating.

Send a message that poor customer service will not be tolerated.

Why patronize a business that has poor customer service? Move your money!


Consumer loans are sold practically as soon as the ink is on the dotted line. You as a consumer have no choice who they are sold to.