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Bank of America has made me and my family into an emotional wreck. My home was bought in June 2007, after several years of paying on our mortgage on time we were slapped with an increase on our fixed rate payment.

Our house-payment went from $1041.00 to over $1300.00 BOA says that we were over $5000 short in our escrow. Of course BO could not explain how or why this has happened. After months of fighting with BOA or monthly payment kept climbing. Re finally were able to have our house payment lowered after several months we started to see our house payment climb back up with no explanation.

Long story short we received certified letters for us to move out of our home because it was being foreclosed on 4/1/2010 We only had 1 week to move. After moving we were told the house never went through auction. To date the home has gone through 3 auctions with no sale. The bank contacted us to do a deed of loan, all the paperwork was done not once but 3-4 times because BOA kept losing the paperwork.

The paperwork was finally finalized in December and we are still waiting for a check to be cut. I have called numerous times and is told the check is in the mail. Today I receive a letter from BOA stating we are short in our escrow and our insurance has gone up and now a payment of $1548.93 is due by April 1, 2011. Every time I call BOA the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

Each time I talk to BOA no one knows or can explain to me what is going on with the house other than they want payment. Very upset with all the lies BOA tells me.

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I am in the same situation...long story short i was with TB&W then transfered to BOA. LIFE AS I KNOW IT BECAME *** ON EARTH. BOA says I am 2 payments behind, but cant tell me what month i missed a payment in, just keep saying TB&W reported to them i was behind when they acquired the loan. I cant get documents from TB&W,BOA has no documents from my early loan info, and my loan is 7 years old, it will take forever to get proof of all payments, when BOA could just give me a month and year,and i could pull that payment proof.

Next they refuse to pay my home owners insurance, which i have had with the same company since 2004.BOA has placed lien holder insurance on my loan, and I am being forced to pay that ins out of my escrow account as well as pay my on ins out of my pocket(oh and that lien holder ins company is affiliated with BOA of course.

Now i have found out 2 weeks ago that my escrow account is 1700 negative, and of course they say TB&W reported it that way. What i dont understand is if TB&W is charged with mortgage fraud is BOA or anyone else using there info as proof of my mortgage status.

Last Straw: I got a letter today from BOA, my escrow account is now 2250 negative and my house payment will go from 600 to 907 to cover the diff, and all the interest they are charging. First of all thats a ridiculously large increase to cover escrow, and how did it go from 1700 negative to 2250 negative in 2 weeks when BOA has pain nothing out of the escrow account. I HATE the conclusion I have come to, but i refuse to pay 907 dollars because TB&W screwed up my account and stole my escrow money, i cant afford to pay a lawyer to fix this mess because that could take months and from reading other peoples stories it gets you nowhere. Thought about a modification or refinance, but it seems BOA has mastered some *** up legal way to prevent people from using those methods to save there homes. So we will pack our stuff, stop paying payments(bank those payments for future rent)live here until the sherriff himself comes and removes my ***, and I hope it takes BOA forever to foreclose. I will never purchase anything else thru a bank, if i cant buy it with cash or rent it i just wont have it, the banks can do what they wont to and there is nothing we can do, and the government thought it a good idea to give BOA 20 Billion dollar bailout. Well where is my bailout money, all i need is like 5000 to give to BOA and all my worrys would be over, not gonna happen. SO *** BOA,TB&W, and everybody envolved in screwing me over, *** american too. BOA COME AND GET IT, I GIVE UP, ITS ALL YOURS. HOPE THIS HOUSE SITS HERE AND ROTS TO *** BEFORE YOU SALE IT....SEE YOU IN ***!!!!!

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