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Every bank of America customer should move their account(s) to credit unions. Effective 3/1/08, B of A will charge a fee for items that were authorize for payments while there's not enough funds in your account.

It does not matter if a deposit has been made to cover those items in time for the pending items to clear. I was told by the manager of a branch that B of A is the last of the big banks to adopt this. They claimed that notices were sent out with the statements.

When I told them, I don't get paper statements, I was told, I should have checked my statements on the web site.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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To the BOA CSR's who are posting here saying that people need to learn how to add and substract and don't spend what you don't have. Well, you are just the Devil's Advocate.

I had 3 accounts with BOA and all 3 were LINKED together to pull from if one got low. I even signed the form to establish this when I opened up the 2nd and 3rd account. I had the document in hand with all the other account documents. But when my primary checking got low and BOA assessed 4 different 35 NSF charges without pulling from the 2nd account like they were supposed to.

I spent hours on the phone, near heart attacks arguing with the bunch of devil's advocates only to get no where and hang up with my blood pressure over the moon. Each Rep said the same thing, THEY HAD NO COPY OF MY AUTHORIZATION on file and knowing I had opened these accounts in another state, they each told me I had to go back to the ORIGINAL LOCATION where I opened the accounts and present this document. B.S. I finally went to the Branch, They had the document, it had been submitted and they proved to me that it was set up from the beginning.

BOA had to reimburse me 12 NSF charges. But because the reps are taught to lie, manipulate, bully and make it impossible for the customer, I had to go over the river styx to prove what they already knew and was in the computer. So my advise to you REP"S posting here, defending BOA and further insulting people, go get a job where you don't have to work with people. One day, everything you have done to people will come back to you, every dime you took from them and every heartache you costs them I hope comes back on you times three.



Bank of America is unbelievable. They have already had a class action law suit regarding the NSF assessments to people's accounts because they would post by amount (Hightest to Lowest) rather than the date of transaction which caused everyone to rack up NSF on their accounts.

It apparently didn't teach them anything because they are still at it. They don't care. Those babbling, word *** idiots that are called CSR's ramble off every excuse possible why they won't refund the NSF even when it is blatenly obviously a irroneous charge. You can't get anywhere with them.

I thought it was me until I got the lawsuit papers then I found hundred's of frustrated customer's who go through exactly the same thing. I wish everyone would boycott BOA.

They have NO business, personal or moral ethics. If you have an account with BOA and are not a millionaire, you will understand why everyone is complaining about their NSF fee practices.


Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:

'I believe that

banking institutions are more dangerous to

our liberties than standing armies.

If the American people ever allow

private banks to control the issue of their

currency, first by inflation, then by

deflation, the banks and corporations that will

grow up around the banks will deprive the people

of all property - until their children

wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers



If people would use the "old "school check register banks give you, there would never be a problem. And here is a news flash, make your deposit THEN write your checks and use your debit card.

Its amazing how I have never had an NSF and I've had a bank account for 17 years!! Its not the banks fault you are idiots.


Why bother, We are all insignificant. A nat to them.

You will never win, ever. Just stop using banks!


Last year I was laid off and short on rent payment. I knew this would cost me $35 in overdraft fees but it ended up costing HUNDREDS because BOA moved several items that had ALREADY CLEARED in front of the rent check to make hundreds in overdraft fees! I called and was treated like s--- BOA is totally unethical and shouldn't get away with the things they do!!!!


Thank you for continuing to ***... your *** mistake just paid me for the week.

Learn to add and subtract from your children. They probably do it better than you.


I agree with most of you. BofA puts the higher amounts thru first so when you get to the smaller amounts they can charge you $35 for a $1 item.

Yeah we are responsible for our own accounts but come on.... BOFA CS REPs job is to make money for the bank....What better way than to take advantage of people who live paycheck to paycheck? Today was the first time I actually got charged a so called special handling fee for a pending item. That threw me for a loop.

I too had no idea. There is no way to know what item you're being charge for without calling the bank. At least when the items are in the red you know.

And don't you charge the same $35 fee even if you have overdraft protection BofA?

Not a happy customer. Ready to switch banks!!!!!!!


CS Rep, Your company is a big company but is because of all the od charges that you give and your fraud department sucks. Want to know why?

Because when I submitted a claim about an unauthorized transaction your bank took the longest to send me a letter about what the status was about the dispute. I will never do bussiness with your bank again. My dispute was denied because you people at the branches need more training and I had to go inside your location more than five times trying to fill out the right forms.

I have a company that it's growing and I don't need a bank like this taking money and not be there for me. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT SUCK(need more trained people to answer the phones and give correct information) MR.X 210


Hey cs rep, I get my statements in the mail and so does my husband. Neither of us received these so called letters. And Bank of America changes their policies every day as it suits them.


This is called DON'T SPEND WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE. Why are you authorizing things when you know the money isn't in there yet?

No one wants to be charged fees, but no one wants to wait until they have funds to buy things, and then they blame the bank. BOA didn't force you to overspend, that's your own fault. And no they weren't just sent with statements.

They were separate mailings of just the new disclosure and a letter, sent TWICE to every customer long before it went into affect. The problem isn't the banks trying to deter people from overdrawing and costing the company money, it's the customers who manage their own funds with common sense and want to blame everyone but themselves.


Wow I wondered what happened!