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Bank of America Levy Release office numbers because BofA will never give them to you! :

East Coast - 315 734-**** option 2

West Coast 213 580-****

Had a levy placed on my account on something I was already making payments on, the company realized the error and immediately faxed a levy release form to bank of America. They sent it to the legal office in Utica NY in the early afternoon and told me to call bank and verify they received it. The first CSR was very nice, checked but said she didn't see it and told me to try back in a few hours. CSR #2 seemed confused and put me on hold and transferred me back to the company that sent the levy release. The third CSR transferred me to an office in Spokane who looked but didn't have it then transferred me to the office that receives the levy releases from Utica, she unfortunately did not have it either and she informed me that the Utica office was now closed. Because I live in California, I was hoping there was an office on the west coast that could process it I called back the company that faxed the levy release to make sure they had faxed it and they confirmed that yes, they had, but they were happy to send it again if I wanted and if I had a different number to fax it to they would fax it to both. So they were nice enough to hold on the line while I called Bank of America and proceeded to fight with both a CSR and a supervisor trying to get an alternate fax number for the west coast which would still be open. They insisted Utica was the only number. I even asked if they could transfer me back to the extension in Spokane that I had spoken with previously and they had no idea what I was talking about. So I was forced to wait until the previous morning and called Utica at 6am pacific time, Utica then informed me that they sent the form to LOS ANGELES for processing and that office did not open for another half hour!!!!! So I told her the CSR line told me that their was no other office that the levy release could have been faxed to since Utica was closed and I am located in California. She said she didn't understand why they just didn't give me the number to the LA office since that's where it would have been sent anyway. So while i was waiting for the office in LA to open I called the CSR line again and told the rep that answered that she should send me to a supervisor because I was really pissed and did not want to go off on her. She insisted on hearing the problem and basically told me that there was a number but because I opened my account in Missouri and the information is routed by where the account was opened, had it been faxed to LA they would have rejected it. Frustrated I disconnected and called the Los Angeles number and they told me it would not have been rejected they could have processed it yesterday and she did not understand why the customer service line was giving me this information because it was absolutely not true. I called back the CSR line and finally got a supervisor who was willing to help me, obviously the exception to the rule, and he told me the CSR's did not really know what the legal department does and what they could have done to help. I told him that "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer the they should be saying " I'm not sure, let me see if I can find out." Obviously CSR's at BofA are only trained to look up account balances! They were finally able to get the reversal started but I had to wait an additional 24 hours for the funds to be available. I will be switching my account to a new bank asap, I am so done with Bank of America as are so many others!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Location: Carson, California

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Bank of America do inside stealing and create BOGUS charges. You can't get help or assistance from the incompetent people working for them, from the bottom to the top. Just plain dumb *** idiot's.


Since June 2019 I been wainting B.of America to file my POA and keep going in person and keep saying they will call,we are in Oct and I have not received any awnsers I do thing the personal is handling this,there are so incapacitated there are not training or is a complot


I've noticed shady balance sums. Something is not right.


Thank you very much, completely helpful. FYI, fax number is 617-310-****.


I am having the same problem here in NC. It just confuses me that BOA has the power to work with the IRS to shut you out of your account in a matter of minutes.

But no one can process or have the power to unblock in a timely manner once the levy has been lifted by the IRS. I've gotten so many different time periods for the levy to be lifted by the bank. This levy was not because I wasn't paying my tax debt. It was a computer issue with the IRS that caused the levy on my account.

They have done their part by releasing the paperwork to lift the levy. I'm waiting on the bank to do there part.

I am reconsidering where I place my money. This day has been extremely stressful dealing with Bank of America


The process to levy your accounts doesn't happen in minutes just as your problem didn't happen just like that. It took time before they decided to levy your account.Were you fighting it this long and lost or did you just blow it off and now act shocked at the results?


I'm going through the exact thing right now.


I have court numbers that i have and here are the numbers so you can look at i have the cerifieate number is 25178 OTS 12449 RSSDID 144**** and uninnum 17425 OCC24077 DOCKET 122449 $18,488,000


How can i transfer these funds in this my acount


Depends on the garnishment or Levy order and the state in which the order is fulfilled. Each state has regulations and those regulations dictate how much, how long, and if they can or can't process the order.


Thanks for the numbers. Sorry you had to go back and forth with BOA to settle your case. I hope I have an easier time given you paved the way.


i called the west coast number to acquire the fax number and this is what i was given 415-796-**** hope it helps!


I am dealing with the same issue, with BofA, but guess what, it was dismissed two weeks before it was even applied to my account. However, the law office ran to get the matter resolved due to the fact that we resolved the issue over 30 days ago and the dismal was resolved.


For the west coast number, pick Option 3 for attorneys, government agencies, etc. The lady on the other end of the line was very helpful and told me where and how to send the notice of bankruptcy to be sure it was on file.


new number 1 21* *** **** opt 1


I hope Bank of America goes out of business! They are a bunch of greedy, worthless, soul sucking, criminal, f.ucking, c.ocksucking ***


I got charged charged $100 for a levy hold, supposibly bank of america told me it was for paper work and processing charge.... this bank is no good to many charges for diffrent things


*Note that this only applies to legal orders initiated in MARYLAND... At least that's what the letter I have says*

Went through an AWFUL ordeal trying to find out where court documents are sent to request bank account information of a landlord I had to sue - he had BoA.

Every CSR I spoke with gave me the complete run around - they obviously don't want their clients' money being taken out of their account and given to a NON-BoA person. I eventually had to slip into a branch and get the manager to call "a strictly internal-only number" to get the address for Legal Order Processing - Garnishment/Levies.

Anyway, that address WAS 5701 Horatio Street, Utica, NY 13502. However, due to my involvement in a lawsuit against one of BoA's clients, I was sent a notice that this address has changed.

If sent via certified mail:

"Bank of America, N.A.

Legal Order Processing DE5-024-**-** P.O. Box 15047 Wilmington, DE 19850 If via FedEx/UPS/DHL: Bank of America, N.A.

Legal Order Processing DE5-024-**-** Christiana IV 800 Samoset Drive Newark, DE 19713. You know, because BoA wants to make everything easier on everyone :upset






I am waiting two months of my levy money after it was released. worst bank ever

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