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Bank of America Levy Release office numbers because BofA will never give them to you! :

East Coast - 315 734-**** option 2

West Coast 213 580-****

Had a levy placed on my account on something I was already making payments on, the company realized the error and immediately faxed a levy release form to bank of America. They sent it to the legal office in Utica NY in the early afternoon and told me to call bank and verify they received it. The first CSR was very nice, checked but said she didn't see it and told me to try back in a few hours. CSR #2 seemed confused and put me on hold and transferred me back to the company that sent the levy release. The third CSR transferred me to an office in Spokane who looked but didn't have it then transferred me to the office that receives the levy releases from Utica, she unfortunately did not have it either and she informed me that the Utica office was now closed. Because I live in California, I was hoping there was an office on the west coast that could process it I called back the company that faxed the levy release to make sure they had faxed it and they confirmed that yes, they had, but they were happy to send it again if I wanted and if I had a different number to fax it to they would fax it to both. So they were nice enough to hold on the line while I called Bank of America and proceeded to fight with both a CSR and a supervisor trying to get an alternate fax number for the west coast which would still be open. They insisted Utica was the only number. I even asked if they could transfer me back to the extension in Spokane that I had spoken with previously and they had no idea what I was talking about. So I was forced to wait until the previous morning and called Utica at 6am pacific time, Utica then informed me that they sent the form to LOS ANGELES for processing and that office did not open for another half hour!!!!! So I told her the CSR line told me that their was no other office that the levy release could have been faxed to since Utica was closed and I am located in California. She said she didn't understand why they just didn't give me the number to the LA office since that's where it would have been sent anyway. So while i was waiting for the office in LA to open I called the CSR line again and told the rep that answered that she should send me to a supervisor because I was really pissed and did not want to go off on her. She insisted on hearing the problem and basically told me that there was a number but because I opened my account in Missouri and the information is routed by where the account was opened, had it been faxed to LA they would have rejected it. Frustrated I disconnected and called the Los Angeles number and they told me it would not have been rejected they could have processed it yesterday and she did not understand why the customer service line was giving me this information because it was absolutely not true. I called back the CSR line and finally got a supervisor who was willing to help me, obviously the exception to the rule, and he told me the CSR's did not really know what the legal department does and what they could have done to help. I told him that "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer the they should be saying " I'm not sure, let me see if I can find out." Obviously CSR's at BofA are only trained to look up account balances! They were finally able to get the reversal started but I had to wait an additional 24 hours for the funds to be available. I will be switching my account to a new bank asap, I am so done with Bank of America as are so many others!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

Location: Carson, California

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Do not bank at Bank of America, they suck! I had an LTS levy and when I tried chatting with a CSR, absolutely clueless on the subject matter.

He kept telling me to contact the attorney office involved with the order, which I already knew, but they were useless. Somebody from BOA has to know why a specific amount was deducted, but CSR's are idiots for explaining what agency is responsible for calculating the amount? If I want to print a copy of a check, no problem, but a levy, forget it. And the $100 service fees?

Seriously? Once again, the consumer gets screwed. I was finally instructed to contact the Legal Order Dept. at 213-580-**** for details after 10 minutes of constant back and forth messaging.

Get this, if you ask someone in Bank of America for a personal loan, forget it, they don't make personal loans. BOA only lends money to people who already have lots of money in their accounts. So much for building new accounts for the future. Soon, money for these older client accounts will be dried up and BOA is going to miss out for being so conservative.

Don't waste your time with BOA, put your money in a Credit Union who have better rates and eager to lend money. :(


I should mention something called DEBT TO INCOME RATIO which they will ALWAYS take into account along with your credit history and score as does ANY banking institution EVEN credit unions do the same. You are a low-income delinquent *** who knows NOTHING about managing credit.


Lets keep it real the agency who got u levied had yr info for a reason!


I just went through this nightmare with BofA !! I called this 213 number instead of going with BofA CSR's.

A levy was put on my account that should of not happened and the agency who did it immediately submitted a release. BofA decides it will keep 100 bucks for their troubles! I can't believe it but then yes I can it's Bof freakinA! I should have never been in the position in the first place NOT MY FAULT but I PAY!

So Issac at the Levy Department sympathizes with me but won't let me talk to a supervisor and when I ask him to hold so I can contact the agency who put the levy on me he says I have 1 minute and after that he will release the line! I wasn't going to keep him all day!! I ask for a ID# and nope not happening I ask if the call is recorded, nope! So no supervisor or ID# nothing.

No responsibility we do what we feel like and no accountability department! Here's a couple things 1. Not my fault 2. Living on total disability income even 20 bucks is to much for me 3.

He says go after the agency for the 100 not Bofa!! I am innocent in this mess where the *** is BofA loyalty to long term customers!!

They should be billing the agency who created this not someone stuck in the middle.I am DONE with BofA!!! And I will make sure for the rest of my life anytime a banking question or conversation happens BofA will feel it!!!


It took me 4 calls to BofA customer service to even get a working phone number to even begin the inquiry as to "who" levied my account. Bank of America customer service is BOGUS. I will be cancelling this bank in the near future...

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