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Im with Tracy. Ive just been arguing with B of A over 8 OD fees that were generated by bank manipulation of payments.

It started with an overdraft of a couple of dollars (which could have been covered from savings) and the subsequent OD fee reduced each deposit/transfer. While I thought I was on top of things, I was really backwards in the account. In talks with the bank I have recovered 3 OD fees but will go to Small Claims if I have to for the other 5.

If someone is serious about a class action, I'm prepared to act as well. Talk is cheap-lets get this show on the road.

ECF Ontario CA

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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Ok, Old Banker, can you tell me why when I did actually have 3 overdrafts, I was charged a 4th fee in error, which caused a fifth fee that should have never happened, and I was told there was nothing they could do about it at BOA?? This has happened a few times.

And why is it when I deposit cash on a weekday it clears overnight, but when I deposit cash on a Friday morning it doesn't clear until Tuesday?

I know why!! More fees for BOA!!!

Tabing, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia #34593

Hey 'beenthere' I dont think a new bank is going to make much difference as they all seem to have the same charges. An approach my wife suggested just makes so much sense, I was amazed at how the banks had cuddled me into thinking debit cards were the only way to go.

Hows this for an answer? Instead of using your debit card for all purchases..use cash. Take out whatever you thin you need for the week in cash (using your card of course) and give merchants cash!!. Then you wont have overdraft fees and you wont have to mark things down in your register (as if we ever did).

That way merchants (espically those who charge you a convenience fee) will have to handle cash, banks will have to count cash and you and I will not have to worry about overdraft fees!! I cant beleive how simple this is..if we all do this, banks may have just killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

Who decided we all have to use debit cards anyway? Im going back to cash.

Askvoll, Sogn Og Fjordane, Norway #34129

I have an overdraft fee posted to my account in JUNE but there was NO OVERDRAFT??? they can't tell me WHY they charged me for it (at one point they told me they charge me for a fee IF a merchant INQUIRES if there is funds NOT if they POST a transaction ??

I made a deposit one day, happened to be same DAY that a merchant supposidly INQUIRED they didn't POST the transaction for TWO more days the MONEY was in the bank when they posted yet I was charged for a overdraft??? I have also been charged for an overdraft when a merchant NEVER posted a transaction because I NEVER purchased anything they just INQUIRED. (i.e. a "free trial" won't bill you for 90 days yet they submitted and inquiry.

I never purchased anything EVER from that merchant yet STILL got an OVERDRAFT fee!!!) I swear B.O.A. must give BONUS's for whoever gets the most fees charged. ALSO they are VERY inconsistant with WHAT amount they are going to charge I have been charged the $10 overdraft protection fee.

(even if it was overdraft of $20 and I only had $18 in savings, and on the flip I had been charged $35 overdraft when I had a $20 charge, $10 in checking and $10 in savings (so I HAD the $$ just hadn't transferred it over yet) AND on top of that all of a sudden I am NOW getting $3 fee for too many (only two!!) transactions in my SAVINGS ACCOUNT?? yet if I DIDN'T transfer it then I would have had whichever they felt that day the $10 or $35 I HATE bank of america am currently looking for a replacement bank that is convenient to my location)

Tabing, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia #33345
Its heartening to see the banks have the mailroom staff check out sites like this and post the stock bank answers to complaints between photocopying and collating. But Im sure it wont be long before the Customer Service bot will be able to take over for them. :grin
Lipetsk, Lipetsk, Russian Federation #33322

I can appreciate the complaints of most people when banks post from highest to lowest charges...if you will get hit with more fees because of that...but are banks also in the business to make money? Fee income is important, and think about much time did you waste of the person you complained to about your fees (and be real, you would complain if it was one or twenty) and the work that goes into processing and maintaining your account...etc.....also, you know how much is in your account, and if not...shame on you. Keep it in writing...note all deductions from your account, if you do this, and only spend what is available, I am sure you would not see another fee.

Harstad, Troms, Norway #32705
same story...different day. Idiots and their overdraft fees :eek
I agree with you Old Banker, these people need to stop whining about posting of items highest to smallest and OD fees. maybe if they'd read the information that was given to them when they opened their account about OD fees, processing of items, deposit cut off times, deposit holds, AND using a check register, maybe so many wouldn't be so pissed off.

just a side note: have you ever had a customer wonder why the bank wasn't allowing them to overdraft their account further when their account was already negative....and they knew of the OD fee consequences? I had 2 calls like that the other day... some people are just idiots! :upset

Still contempt to whining! As far as overdrafts related to BOA debit transactions you are on point.

The statement does not reflect negative activity but customers are charge multiple overdrafts which are very expensive and abusive.

The explanation by BOA customer service is confusing as the charges, however the banking centers can show the cause of the fee which is very petty due to the fact unlike a check there’s no cost to the bank for the overdraft. In this case you should make a call beyond the center to obtain the refund since your statement is a legal document (wink!).


The problem with OD is that if you use your debit card it will clear anything and then it shows up as a OD even if the money was there because it was not there when is was supposed to be there even though it was there. Old baker if that makes sense to you you must work for BOA

Tabing, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia #31407
Ahh.... Senile Banker has this same blurb under any bank complaint here.

Its good to see hes earning his keep! :grin
Tabing, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia #31357
Im not sure why youre here commenting. If youre happy with your employer-thats great!

Find a site that allows you to expand on the wonders of banks and banking. Most of us can see its quite the ripoff but since youre paid to do a banking job, you have a bias.

Makes me believe that banks do come this site to review comments!! :( 8)

Stop whining! The bank discloses these horrors of overdrafts in their fee disclosures when your account was opened.

I’m 98% confident that most of you are at fault and will experience this problem regardless of the bank you choose.

How to avoid fees: Use a check register to balance your account. By using the balance in your register your can find items are still outstanding, deposit holds or possible errors when the bank available balance is different from yours. Online banking, customers who use online banking experience far less overdrafts.

Afraid to go online? to bad, your accounts are available online weather you use it or not. Last, use your Home Equity, savings account or personal line of credit as overdraft protection. I do not recommend credit cards.

Requesting refunds: The person you are requesting the fees from is human and is not the bank, they hear the same BS regarding fees all the time and banks are on their backs about fee income.

Sincerely ask for the refunds with out threats, sarcasm, & anger. You will be surprise to see the person make a serious effort to refund fees.

Tabing, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia #31071
So you feel the charges are justified? Sorry Im not with you on this.

Its set up largest to smallest to generate as many OD charges as possilbe-thats been made quite clear by others here.

Anyway Ive taken the first step in asking for my money back in writing-the next is a Small Claims doc, which I will file next week. 8)

I have recently had a similar problem. All transactions are ordered from greatest to smallest, regardless of time of transaction within the day.

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