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When you do an over draft Bank of American will reshuffle all the amount for the last 3 days by largest to the smallest, not by date.

Then this will empty your acount quicker.

I got 5 $35 overdraft charges all of the items were done the day before I the one I should have been charged for.

On of them was $35 on a $2.00 charge.

The state and the Fed's don't care.

After Enron I thought that we were to have ethics in book keeping.

Bank of America has none.

They will give lips service, but not any money back.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I ahve a checking and savings account with Bank Of america they have been really great in the 7 months I ahve ahd the acoounts I have been charaged 3 $35 overdraft feee and then they have been returned


I open a new account every 3 months, get keep the change and have BOA match my donations. I have 3 current accounts (all free). After 3 months the rewards are piddling, so I use the new account and will let the old sit until it reaches one year and the rewards are paid into it.

I will do this until i feel that the ridiculous fees that I was assessed in the past on my one account have been paid back to me 2 times over.

Also, they give at least one courtesy fee refund one each account. So if I ever get one in that 3 month period I am covered.

BOA wants to use the system to screw me, I will use their system to screw back.


My wife and I graduated college and both got good jobs in law firms. We deposited our checks (for a considerable amount) and then a week later started spending the money.

They held the checks, charged overdraft fees and then applied the deposit to the account the same day. Their reason was that our banking "habits" had changed. As students with an account there several years we could always deposited our check right away and had instant access to the money.

Now that we make an onscene amount of money we can't even gain access to it!? Needless to say we switched quickly to Wachovia and love it.


Wow! At first I thought I was the only one.

After researching I am comforted by the fact that I am not.

Let's get together and tear down the B.O.A system by contacting our congress and ligislature, no action no votes from. I feel so bad that this happens to so many people and the Feds just sit back and enjoy the perks!


Bravo! same thing pretty much happened to me and my wife.

Why is there not a class action lawsuit? If you google BofA you will find myriad stories from other folks who have experienced this same ***.


Get away from BOA as soon as possible! All it takes is one instance of overdraft to get locked in a vicious cycle of outrageous charges and debt.

Before I banked with them, I succesfully managed my own finances for nearly ten years with only one overdraft incident ever.

Last summer, my husband and I opened an account there because the idea of "keep the change" was so appealing. It's hard to save money in this economy and the "bank of opportunity " seemed promising in the realm of "financial success". We got burned, badly, and the day we closed our account seemed like a holiday!!

The same thing happened to us, it started with one overdraft charge ... transactions were switched around to empty the account. The next thing we knew, we were charged overdraft fees for -- overdraft fees! We were up to our neck in fees. They took about a third of my husbands automatic payroll deposits every other week. We canceled direct deposit as an attemt to regain control of our budget; Apparantly that annoyed them, so they began holding his check for 4 days at our local branch.

We were getting behind on our mortgage and other commitments because so much of our money was taken by that bank. As soon as we received our economic stimulus check, which was deposited into our savings. They automatically transfered 400.00 to checking without our consent. We didn't appreciate that very much but our debt there was settled and we closed our account. That was months ago -- up until last month we were still receiving statements. Go figure.

All that to say, that thousands of dollars were taken from us within a three month period. We accept responsibility for a fraction of this mess, but there's no denying that we were screwed. Monitor your account several times daily and print statements each time you do. They are known for performing odd fanagaling of numbers, as you said, to get more money from their customers. BOA is known in our circle as Bunch o' ***

Why is statement free banking considered "green" nowadays? It has less to do with environmental concern, in my opinion, and more to do with taking rights away from consumers.

Do Not bank there!!

Bank tellers, don't take this personally. Customer service was almost always pleasant at the branches... it's just the corporate entity itself that's crooked.