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I've received a corrected corrected corrected corrected corrected corrected 1098 from BOA that is still not correct. The total interest, fees, and principal does not equal to the amount of funds I paid to BOA. I paid BOA $44,200 in 2009, and at one point I had a 1098 that showed interest as $38,000 and principal reduction of $19,000. Shouldn't these two numbers equal the amount paid?? (no fees were involved in the account.) My mortgage is so messed up that it has taken 97 entries to date to resolve the errors, and the account is still not correct, and funds seem to have disappeared in the various transactions.

I'm not happy with BOA, however, in trying to resolve my issue, I found a consumer help section of BOA that is not advertised. Possibly these POCs might be of assistance to someone else. They haven't been useful to me.

For those who need other POCs at BOA to help resolve issues:

1. President, BOA -

2. AVP Executive Customer Relations (ECR) -

3. AVP, Customer Advocate Office -

4. Customer Relationship Advocacy -

5. Customer Relationship Advocacy -

6. Customer Relationship Advocacy -

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Household Bank Sux!

Awesome, thanks so much for sharing these numbers!!! I'm soooo using them and sending a few e-mails!

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