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Bank of America privacy assist collects your money monthly but does not provide real time information only quarterly summary. after a few months I stopped getting the notifications on my account when I called I was told that the credit bureau updated the information quarterly but when I called to credit bureau to dispute an Item still showing on privacy assist, the credit bureau had already resolved the issue.

The Service is not worth the money, they provide outdated information and tried to lie about it when I called them on it!

Try some other credit monitoring service I give BOA privacy assist an *** rating

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Account.

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privacy assist has not been providing me the summary report or

anything for at least a year but keeps charging me.

When I called them, they said just sent info to me a few days ago,

a flat lie, I asked to cancel it. Hope they won charge me agin, but

you never know what these crooks would do



The same thing just happened to me. The service is a completely waste of money, and they didn't cancel it when I asked them to.


:( This company calls elderly people and forces them to take this insurance and provides nothing for it. This company is a fraud and refuses to talk to me and I have a Power of Attorney for her. :( :( :( :( :(


OMG i called this company after seeing a the charge on my bill, i checked and it had been happeining for a few months... i was so upset..

i found all these articles online about people who say they didnt say yes to the make the story short.. i requested that they give me all my money or show me that i agree to it... obviously i didnt agree and i was really mad... well they played me the recording when i accepted the service..

now i wonder if this is what every one is so angry about... did we just agree and lost track??? after cancelling i went to their website, and their service isnt really that bad.. im thinking about getting it again..

i just feel ashamed to call and subscribe after the way i treated their employees and manager for something i did get...

any one can give me a good suggestion... i may cosider


I had a similar situation with this. I got called last year and was told that I was being enrolled in it, and I couldnt get two words in to decline it.

Called and canceled it.

This week I got called by no less than 3 different people trying to reenroll me into it. I told the last one off that I was not interested in it and please take me off the list. Lets see what happens.


Hello, we are a law firm investigating the Privacy Assist program from Bank of America. We would be very interested in hearing consumers' experiences with Privacy Assist as we pursue legal action against Bank of America. Please contact us to share your experiences:


There is an 2 minute authorization process done after asking if it's ok to record, so it's hard to believe you are enrolled and don't know it.


Obviously you are a shill...


The telemarketer says my 80 year old father agreed to $12.99 per month for this service which is a lie. Dad says he told them he could not afford any more bills.

They charged him 2 times before I saw it on his credit card bill, I called and cancelled the service but they refuse to refund what they already charged him.

Thanks Bank of America I just up his BoA credit cards and my BoA card also. BEWARE


Im angry. recived an ALERT from Bank of AMerica stating fraud on my account.

So i clicked th elink. Now Im being CHARGED 13 bucks a month for something I DID NOT AUTHORIZE.

Once you click the link.....U WILL BE CHARGED! :(