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Bank of America has been by bank since they took over Seattle First National which I had been with since 1969. I have always had an ATM card with my account and when it exprired I called to get it renewed.

I have been doing this now since the first of March, each time I have been assured we will get a new card with 7-10 days. Never had anyone said they would not renew this card until today and there reason is, because you are a gold member we do now offer this type of card. What difference does that make in fact since I am that type of member I would think they would want my business and make sure I got the card I want. I do not want a debit card which they insist on send.

Nothing in the past year and a half has made any sense at B of America ever since they let go all their personal bankers. I have because of that move transfered the majority of my accounts to Key Bank who gives me everything I need.

We keep this account open only because of the coverage they have throughout the country, but going through this and being told I need to make a change when I did nothing wrong only to have an account with them with a very large balance is nuts. If I were you I would stay as far away from B of A as possible.

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That does sound a little strange. It sounds like you have a checking account there?

They wouldn't let you have a debit card on a savings account I don't think. I can see why they'd want you to have a debit card, but surely they still offer ATM cards for people who only have a savings account for example.