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Deposit check put unnecessary hold

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Bank of America is a joke.. It should be name Bank of Rudeness...

I went to get money out of my account around 12 noon on August 20, 2017. Upon getting an inquiry I realized my account balance was not correct.

I went to the car and called Bank of America and was told my card was used in Stanton and Anaheim Ca. on August 19 & the early morning of August 20, 2017.

Now, the issue is I've always had my debit card, I have not given my PIN number to anyone and I have not been in Stanton or Anaheim in a few months.

However, BoA is telling me I had to give someone my card and PIN number. So, BoA will not reimburse me my unemployment funds. I filed a police report with my local sheriff department and they in turn will file the issue with the cities where the fruad occurred.

The had 3 or 4 inquiries before my account was debited each time. You would think to BoA that would be suspect to that activity and call me on the first day or at the least send me an email like every other bank or credit union. They didn't do anything to even try to prevent the fruad the next day.

Not to mention the woman @ BoA in both the call center that took the report and in my local branch in Diamond Bar Ca.

was extremely rude. While I was in Bank of America on August 22, 2017 there were other people in the bank complaining about fraud on their account also. Something is just not right.

I feel as though I was Financially RAPED by someone that stole my funds and now I feel as though I'm being RAPED by Bank of America.


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