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I did not receive a bill for the month of October, so I assumed their were no charges. (My husband had charged some items, that I was unaware of, so I didn't question not receiving a bill.) So when I got the November bill, I saw some charges HAD been made in October, but I never got a bill.

I called to complain about the late charge. I said I would pay the bill right then and there if they took it off. They took off the charge and I paid the bill.

Today I get another bill (2 weeks later!) and there is another late fee that they say they can't *** but it is still connected to the first missed payment which was their fault. I cancelled the card, but I am spreading the word for people to stay away from this bank!!

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For 2 years I was never late on my card. Three time I make more than one payment in a month.

Twice I pay the whole thing off. My husband was diagosed with cancer, and I was ONE DAY late. They jack up my interest, I called them to explain why. They did not care.

I continued to pay my bill for three more months scrapping together what ever I had to make the payment. I could not keep up since my interest rate was so high.

All I could do was let it go and not pay. They got a bailout from the goverment which we will all be paying and they could not even excuse my one late payment with a very expainable excuse.


Bank of America is a joke. They some how lost 1100.00 dolars of my money a year ago, they say that I have to do a bunch of hoop jump to fix.

I have the canceled check. My payment is due on the first of the month I get my statement on the 12th or later.Their just to much, the next step for me is the state attorny general

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