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I applied for help with my mortgage going almost 3 years ago (march 2008 after losing my job) with the keeping your home affordable program. They sent me a package with lots of material that I had to send them and very little details about what I was applying for and what I would have to do.

I was approved for a trial period in November of 2008 and I was sent information about making the payments and for how long. I was never told that by making these payments it would damage my credit report and rating and make me behind in my mortgage for six months. To make matters worse, after 5 months, they denied me and put me in for some other program. I never knew what it was , nor could I get in contact with anyone.

After a year of calling and getting no word, they final denied me for the last unknown program when they found out I had a temporary job that only lasted 2.5 months. The person working the account at the time wanted me to repay the debt. I never found out was happened to the money I was sending in or if it was going to be applied to the balance owed. I tried to contact them, with no results.

I got passed from person to person and no one could answer any of my questions. I wrote my senator and the president and was sent back some info on government agencies that were supposed to help me. Finally I was able to get someone through and agency that could answer my questions. I found out they had bad information on me and had been reporting me for non-payment even though I paid as agreed under the trial period.

They also had bad information on my income and other things even though I had sent this to them several times. The woman I spoke with told me that I had a code put on my account that was preventing me from being put into any other programs that I may qualify for and that in order to qualify for any of the programs I had to pay back the money I owe in excess of over 6,000.00 which I was only in debt because I was paying the amount they told me to pay for the keeping your home affordable program. I have tried several times to talk to someone because now they are threatening foreclosure on my house. None of my papers told me any of this was going to happen and I never knew I needed to continue to pay my regular payments even though they told me to pay the trial period amount instead.

I am tired and burnt out after almost three years of this and I am ready to get a lawyer to settle this for misleading me into a program and damaging my credit score and endangering me of losing my house.

Please advise. There is more that I left out because it would be too long for me to write in this message.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $165.

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After signing the contract to refinance your mortgage, you didn't walk out with a "notice of rescission" that explains your rights to cancel the refi within three business days;

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I got screw the same way and I'm so sorry to hear that I'm not crazy there are other people out there, So kendrea after 3 years who did you contact to help, they have not forclose on us yet but I have this feeling that it's going to happen someone please help I live in dallas texas.


I am working on my justice with just the evidence that the courts need. I also have a lawyer that gets it as well and has said that he can provide counsel in other states.

He says the audits that I have are just what the court is looking for when it comes to evidence of foreclosure and mortgage fraud. He was fired by a law firm for working for the homeowners and not the banks, he sued them for ethics violations and won. That tells me he gets it. If you contact he will get you started with the audits like I have to prove that those foreclosing do not have legal right to do so as well as all the fraud in the mortgage documents.

It was found that had we paid the full 30 years we would have paid over $40,000 more that we were suppose to. He can also provide you the contact information to the lawyer that gets it.

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