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I find it very difficult to write a letter about my service with Bank of America. But since there is no formal department where I can voice my complaint, I have to find a way to get this off my chest.

In November of 2008 I applied for a mortgage with BAC to refinance my existing home. My credit rating was in the mid 700's and my wife's in the low 800's. It should really be a simple procedure to qualify for a loan. We had a first and second mortgage on the house. However, prior to applying for the refi, we paid off the second mortgage with money I used from my self-directed brokerage account.

In order to qualify for a loan we had to provide two months of bank statements. On one of those statements was a large deposit from the brokerage account that I transferred over in order to payoff my second mortgage.

This raised a red flag with the underwriter's and they needed me to provide the source of those funds. I was reluctant, but agreed. So I provided them with a statement of my brokerage account, however, I blacked-out the account numbers as I felt this was personal information and I didn't feel comfortable revealing it to them. They didn't like this. As if I was trying to hide something.

After several weeks of going back and forth trying to resolve the issue, I finally backed out of the loan and went with Countrywide. That's right, Countrywide... the mortgage company BAC had just bought out.

The process with Countrywide went smoothly and I closed on the refi three weeks later in January of '09. Although, I did lose $250 to BAC for their appraisal of my home.

I knew in was coming, but, in June of 2009, I received a letter from Countrywide explaining how they are now Bank of America and how pleased they are to have me as a customer and are excited to service my mortgage. Awesome! But, the story doesn't end there...

In January of 2010, I received a letter from BAC for my escrow account. The escrow account showed there was a deficit of $897 on my 2010 estimate for taxes & insurance. They instructed me to either pay the shortage in full by Feb 16 or have my monthly payment increase $185.

What the F***! I have a 30-yr, fixed rate mortgage. How the H*** can my mortgage go up $185?

So the next day I called customer service to find out what the problem was. After being on hold for 20 min I finally got through to a "mortgage specialist" and tried to figure it out.

She noticed that my homeowner's insurance increased for 2010 and that I should contact my agent to get a better rate. Well, I already knew my insurance was going up as I received an assessment from my agent in December. But my insurance only increased $147 for the year. So ***HOLE, where's the other $750 coming from? After spending 30 min on the phone, I realized this so-called "mortgage specialist" was not going to be helpful.

I later contacted my insurance agent to find out if he could help. I faxed over a copy of the statement. On the statement were two charges in excess of $600. The agent thought these were for insurance, however, there was another charge for $938. We correctly identified this amount as my homeowner's insurance but still couldn't figure out the other two. So I had to get back on the phone with another BAC associate to help figure out what those two $600+ charges were for.

When she looked at it in more detail, she said they were for flood insurance. Hey dumb***!!! We don't live in a flood zone. Why are you charging me for flood insurance? She looked into my information and saw that indeed we do not live in a flood zone and she would remove the charges.

How F***ING *** are these people? They call themselves mortgage specialists? How can a competent person look at a 30-yr, fixed rate mortgage and see the monthly payment go up $185 and not think something is wrong?

The senior leaders of this corporation all say "We need to become customer advocates." And "We want to be the most admired company in the world." How do I know all this...? BECAUSE I HAVE WORKED FOR THIS COMPANY FOR OVER 10 YEARS!!! I hear this S*** everyday. That's why it's so difficult for me to write this letter.

I don't believe in the message you preach when you hire incompetent employees who don't give a S*** about the customer. All you've taught them is how to cross sell, up sell, backwards sell, or whatever the F*** without regard to customer service.

Want to become the most admired company in the world...? Teach your customer's about how to maximize their savings, how to plan for retirement. Teach them how to create wealth. Empower your associates to solve problems, not to err of the side of "it's bank policy" for fear of losing their job. Explain to them how important their job is to the success of this company and how important each and every customer is that either walks through the door, opens an account online, or calls for customer service.

It's not our job to fight about who's right and who's wrong. It's our job to make the customer feel like their right. Every single time.

Sadly, I will be refinancing my mortgage with at local credit union three miles down the street from the corporate center. It makes me sick! Shame on you BAC for putting me in this situation.

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Farmington, Michigan, United States #1264930

fast forward 5 years from this posting. I had a similar thing happen.

I had good credit, an existing HELOC that was about to balloon so I figured simple refi and was assured it would be a simple refi. It went thru automated underwriting who didn't like that 5 years previous I had did a couple short payoff agreements on some credit cards so I could quickly be debt free and I chose to close the cards (without being informed this would be a negative hit on my credit). so BOM told me my only option was do a loan modification and that it would be quick and simple. It took 3 months (passing the balloon date) after lost paperwork, miscalculated payments making new loan docs necessary, lost faxes, slow communication.

At that point I was told I was entering a 3 month trial payment period (was not notified of this prior). I was told that my credit report would be readjusted to show I continued to make my regular payment and the trial payments on time after the trial period. In the meantime I was denied a student loan because of this being on my credit report. I finished the trial period 9 months ago and have continued to make payments on time and they are refusing to correct my credit report.

My score took a 23 point hit and nobody will give me credit now as it shows 7 months of late payments during their lengthy loan mod process. I've added a note to my credit report and filed a dispute that resulted in BOA rejecting that I had made payments as agreed ontime (even though I have proof & provided it to credit reporting agency). I have not been late on a payment with BOA since 2012 and had I not been frightened by them after the refi denial that I wouldn't have a chance applying anywhere else I would not have proceeded with the loan modification.

Now it's been 9 months since I finished the 3 month trial and was just notified they got the payment amount wrong and I need to sign loan mod papers again (4th time!). My credit is screwed, I can't change lenders.


BOA truly incompetent!


Bank of america customer service agents doesn't know how to take care of their customers.

to pink #823643

Service agents? BOA and its EMPLOYEES should, "live a day", as the people they are failing miserably to provide, "customer service" to.

Customer service is a rare commodity, such as gold or silver.

(only people with $$$ will ever get TRUE customer service) I always ask if your actions are attempting to screw me or actually help ME.

Empathy - if you didn't learn it in your 20's there is an excellent chance you will NEVER learn it.

Thanks for playing the game of life. You may leave now.


BOA customer service sucks.. they don't know how to speak good english

to pink #823647

Service agents? BOA and its EMPLOYEES should, "live a day", as the people they are failing miserably to provide, "customer service" to.

Customer service is a rare commodity, such as gold or silver.

(only people with $$$ will ever get TRUE customer service) I always ask if your actions are attempting to screw me or actually help ME.

Empathy - if you didn't learn it in your 20's there is an excellent chance you will NEVER learn it.

Thanks for playing the game of life. You may leave now.


Hi, my name is Alvin, and I agree with everything that is being said about Bank of America and would like to propose a boycott of this company to include their banks, their credit cards and their loans... It's a joke that we allow BOA to continue as a successfull company, it's seems like they want to make fools out of their customers, and extract as much money as possible


The same thing happened to me with BOA. They forced a flood insurance policy on my house.

My house is not in the flood zone. After a three months battle with BOA, I decided to dump them. I refinanced my house with my credit union.

I'm a happy home owner once again no thanks to BAO. BOA is the most impersonal bank I have ever dealt with and their employees are total morons.


If you would like to make them pay you for the fraud they committed then you must prove they defrauded you. How do you do this?

With a forensic mortgage audit. can provide just that including all the litigation paperwork support that you, if you are court savvy, or any hungry lawyer can file into court to show the court the fraud. See they do not want the court to see the fraud because then they have to pay.

Neither do they want this before a jury of 12 homeowners that might wonder if they were defrauded as well. Learn just what can be done and how to make the bankers pay you for the fraud the committed against you then contact to get started taking back this country one home at a time.

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