this morning I had a sum of 150.00 in my checking account. Well I purchased gas at 40.00 at 11am.

I went home and checked my balance and it stated that I had a total of 110.00 in my account. Well, at 1pm I had an emergency that came up, and I had to check out 600.00 dollars knowing Im going to be charged an over limit fee, plus the money will be back in the bank tomorrow morning. When I went to the BofA atm machine I checked my balance one more time and it was at 110.00, so I checked out 600.00. Well, I checked my balance and now it shows that the 600.00 moved in front of the 40.00 charge.

Now it looks like I took the 600.00 out first then the 40.00 which means I am going to be charged twice for an overdraft fee. I was informed that the 40.00 was still pending, but I went in circles stating that my bank account showed I had the money for the first transaction plus the transactions was not pending because the money was taken out which showed a balance of 110.00 if it was pending then my balance would still show 150.00..Im just very pissed because my first withdrawn was valid...I went on saying its not fair that the 600.00 dallors was moved in front of the 40.00 but the customer service agent said thats the policy and a survey has been done and most customers perfer to have the larger amount billed first.

She stated it benifited the customer but we all know it benifits the bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Checking Account.

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You people dogging on this guy are either idiots or you don't read.

This person is a victim of the traditional, and widely used, NSF scam.

Heres how it works:

Say you have $200 in your account

you make 5 charges totalling $198

Then maybe a check you forgot about comes through for $200 on the same night.

The withdrawels are always conducted from the highest price, to the lowest price meaning that $200 check overdrafts your account and give you a negative balance. The next 5 charges are then processed each resulting in an NSF fee.

If the withdrawels were conducted from lowest to highest, only the last item would have resulted in a fee.

That is fraud in my book.

Folkston, Georgia, United States #44817

you *** its your fault because for one you didnt have 600 *** dollars, number two what matters is which one clears first, not which one took place first, you people that want the system to work for you, work with it, you have no complaint.

I have had similar experiences with Bank of America. At this time in our countries history there are more poor from lack of jobs and loss of a persons job.

When this happens people have to do what-ever they have to do to survive.I have had the same experience with B of A .The bank says it is a processing fee so if a person puts the money in the account before the overdraft is processed then there shouldn't be any fee. The B of A have charged me many times and if I call them on it my money is put back in my account. If a person does not call they are charged the $35.00. Do you have any idea how many millions of dollars the B of A makes because people do not call them on this??????

It is just another example of how the middle class and the poor get screwed.

And we pay taxes just like everyone. We have a right to be heard and we are not :cry
Why would you take 600.00 dollars that you did not have out of the bank and then want to :cry about the overdraft charges? I just don't get it. If you don't want overdraft fees don't overdraft ON PURPOSE!!!!!

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