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The Bank of America we try to use is in a white area but all their tellers are black... Hence they refuse to wait on the white people that go in there.

I had to wait 30 minutes with a man in charge sitting in his office watching me wait for the inly friendly and white person there who waits on you if you are white. It is an extremely racist bank... The black tellers roll their eyes at you... Mumble about you...

And laugh at you! They need to work at a BOA in a "black" area....

Oh wait are there any banks in black areas????? Lol

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Morón, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina #942758

Here's hoping your car breaks down on the wrong side of town after midnight. And here's hoping the help you receive lives up to your expectations. And here's hoping you learn to walk and talk again after years of therapy.

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