Grand Terrace, California

Lets make it a crime to steal from dead people and their families

I have a story I want to present to

because it is simply not right, that big banks can

do these things to consumers.

My husband had a Bank of America card, where I was only a

user on the card, we had the card for over 30 years. He died

in May 2012, I am a widow. I was the only one using

this card my husband never used it.

On May 24th 2012 I got a letter from them addressed to the

Estate Representative, I immediately called them and

requested that they send me the bill,so I can review it and

pay it. Plus this card was a cash rewards card, they

told me because my husband is dead those rewards are

gone. This was over $100.00.

I explained I needed the bill, to review the charges, and I

wanted that $100.00 applied and even though I am not

responsible to pay it, I want to pay it, we have always paid

our bills.

It is not right that even in death these big Banks think

they can steal the consumers money. Anything you could

do to help me will be appreciated.

I feel so strongly about this that I want to write up a

flyer, and pass it out to every consumer who enters Bank of

America on the old road in Stevenson Ranch. That is

where I live,as I think people should be educated about


The phone # to this department is 1-888-689 4466. Anything you could do to help me would be ever so much appreciated. In addition they have filed a charge off on my credit lets say no to these CRIMINALS now.

That is not all I paid a home off in 2005 they sent me a fradulent lien release. Fought with them in January of this year, faxed me a supposed Lien release, they never even filed it as of now.

Honest people should NOT have to be tortured by banks in this fashion, lets fix it now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

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