Bank of America took out $33.99 out of my account on June 1, 2022. I was planning on paying my rent when I notice my money was stolen out my account.

I call the automated system, that's how I found out. The name of the Company was some company I never heard of.

I call the bank on June 2, 2022, to stop payment. The bank employee said it is still pending, we can't stop payment when it's pending. Then, She said this money was takeout from a prior company.

I said, how could this money be taken out when this company don't have my account number. Also, that company was blocked from my account years ago. She said this company was not blocked. Then I said to her how this company had access to my account when I have a new card.

This company don't have my card number. She said nothing she can do. Then I realized something is definitely wrong here. I was thinking about this and realized I have no flection with this company at all.

So, l called the next day, June 3, 2022. I spoke with a different employee. She asked, did I have any flection with this company? I said no, then she filed the claim.

They gave me my money back pending investigation. She also said that this company took money out of my account in May 2021. Which is not true. I don't have a lot of money, so I will notice if money was taken out.

So, I told her to send me the print out of it ? She said it's going to be $5.00. I told her send it. She also said in order to make this claim, she had to cancel out my new card and send me another new card.

I did not understand this because I didn't give this company my card to begin with.

So, why I have to change to a third card. June 7, 2022, I call the automated system again, to my surprise they changed the name of the company that I never heard of to the prior company name.

User's recommendation: Please pay attention to Bank of America when you have a free checking.

Location: Katy, Texas

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