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I am a senior citizen and a Bank of America customer for over 25 years, I have had my credit card in question for over 15 years without ever any issues as I maintain an 815 point credit score. This means nothing to the bank they cancelled my card without any notice, They said they canceled it for inactivity and sent me a notice but I never received one by mail or any other form of electronic communication they have on file for me.

They could have emailed me a notice or sent an alert posted in my online banking before closing this account. They told me now they could not reinstate it at my request and want me to now reapply for a new one, which I refuse to do. I place the blame on the bank for not properly notifying me before closing this account. The customer service and every management personal I tried to contact were totally unsatisfactory and bellow par after my many years of me being a loyal customer mortgage holder and credit card holder.

I am not going to reapply for a new card like a new customer. I wanted my card reinstated or sent a new one with a new number. I will not reapply for another card I will apply at another bank before I do that. They did send me an email reply to my complaint and I was told this matter is closed now and they will not reinstate my card.

Now I want to close all my accounts and use a bank that appreciates there customers after a 25 year relationship, and can admit it was there mistake and correct it. BANK OF AMERICA SUCKS mschoen Boynton Beach, FL

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: reinstate my old visa card or send me a new one.

Bank Of America Cons: Tried to contact many upper management by emails never responded, Customer service sucks.

  • Bank Of America Sucks
  • Worst Rated Bank
  • Bank Of America Customer Service
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