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After having a credit card for years. My husband lost his job.

He called and tried to get them to work with him. We only owe $1000.00 and we have been sending in $50 a month for 3 months. The balance is now $1250. It is growing instead of getting smaller.

We are sending what we can afford, no brainer feed family or send BofA money. They are horrible. They call our house everyday at least 8 times a day. The solution they say is 400 now and pay off over 5 years.

How rediculous is that. Why can't they just take the $50 each month account is closed and apply to the balance and let us go?

Bank of America right the name does not fit the company. You do nothing for you customers who are Americans struggling in these hard times.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bank Of America Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $1350.

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There is something fishy with your story. Either you don't have your facts straight, or you are paying late (extra fees).

Even if you have a 30% annual interest charge agreement (which I know it has to be lower), The interest is only $25.00 a month on $1000.00. So, if you pay $50 like you say, Your next month's bill would HAVE to be $975.00 plus interest ($24.38 ) OR LESS.


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Now thats refreshing if you don't give a dam why are you on here!!!!!!!!


I have had problems with that bank too, not credit card but banking. Dudes an ***.


Mr Nerlinger

You don't have a clue what you are talking about we have never had bad credit and don't want to I have paid the card off. .

I was just stating that if you ask this company to work with you they won't.

He has a job we wanted a payment arrangement until he got back to work. They wont help get it . I am stating facts not asking for simpathy.

I would not use them for anything ever and want everyone to know. Oh and your a clown!!!!!!


It's called taking responsibility for your actions. If you cannot pay off a measly $1k debt, then you were terribly irresponsible in not saving money for the proverbial "rainy day."

I do not understand why anyone would not pay off a credit card each month anyway. You simply cannot blame Bank of America for your lack of fiscal responsibility.

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